Mayhem 2.0 IS BROKE. from the largest bl3 ytuber may 5th

Glad hes finally speaking out how our endgame is so broken. I hope gbx doesnt bully him like morningafterkill the youtuber for being honest.


What he’s saying is exactly what a lot of us on here have been complaining about. It’s broken and if it takes GBX a month to fix this, I won’t still be playing.


I miss MAK doing Borderlands content. I can’t blame him for stopping but yea :frowning:


That was the guy that had all the shoes in the background right?

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Yup and a very unique voice.


already stop playing after acquire new stuff from the cartel. load time is super super long for a lot of farm still , endgame dont even worth playing, m0 gear drop , terrible annoint , cant use the gun i like to use on m10 (I mean u can if u have the luck to have the com artifact to min max the gun) .


To be fair, the devs have said countless times that higher mayhem levels necessarily require highly synergized builds. To be successful in mayhem 10, the concept is that you have well set anointments/passives/build. That’s the point of higher difficulty.

I think the larger complaint is that the current balance of mayhem modes narrows that loot pool to only a few guns, so to that point, I agree.


I think it’s fine for people to take a little break and come back once they see that certain things have been fixed and/or something they like have been added.

No need to be masochists.


I refer to myself as a gambling addict…that’s how I feel with this game sometimes… :crazy_face:

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he does have a pretty unique voice lol - I like his videos

by all mean, bring opq recursion sandhawk reflux yellowcake haha


Ha. Sadly we are quite limited right now.

That’s a fair point. With the limited time for the Cartel event, taking a break is difficult. You need to grind in many areas for the drops to make builds work. Then you have to grind through the Cartels for the limited drops.

I wonder if they will extend the duration of the Cartels, specifically because of the lackluster drops this past hotfix. I’m refocusing on Cartels farming, now that I have some decent gear I found outside of that event. But it took me a long time to get it, and many people don’t have that option.

I enjoy his Vids and he doesn’t really care about providing constructive criticism.

I respect that.

what synergized build? Yellowcake?


You misunderstand. I mean that the point of higher mayhem is to require people to get all of the good rolls. The theory is that players work their way up, slowly getting better rolls, and that by mayhem 10 players should have a super synergized build with anointments that compliment playstyles and a variety of guns for specific situations. It was only to counter the complaint that you have to have good rolls to do well on m 10.

I totally agree with the problem that there isn’t variety though. Even with perfect synergy, there aren’t enough viable items.

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When all builds use the exact same new cartel/M2.0 weapons, that isn’t synergy.



they really gotta remove rng wall for artifact and com, for example let us transfer stat to another item or there will be no legit player trying to “Synergize” a build.

out of topic :
rng wall doesn’t make us replay a game over and over , but a good system like bl2 made people replaying it , u know your getting bone of the ancient from loot midget , let people feel the progression and their work arent going to be for nothing.

afterall its a god damn looter shooter

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All they gotta do to top this mess off is to do a few weeks of super boosted drops followed by another sudden level cap raise. Wonder how upset people would be.