Mayhem 2.0 IS BROKE. from the largest bl3 ytuber may 5th

The most anoying thing is the newes hotfix made loot drops worse AND made game crash frequently. There are already posts full of people raging on GBX. I struggle with it as well. 5 min of farming and game freezes permanently. GJ Gearbox


I get the point you’re making here, but this is part of the fun in the game for me. I can’t tell you how excited I get when I have an artifact drop that’s just slightly better than the one I had before. My first snowdrift deathless mod gave me 10 minutes of extreme joy. A few days later, one dropped with area of effect damage. It improved my gameplay quite a bit and was extremely exciting. This is how I assume the developers want us to be when we play, no?


This. This is too real. I haven’t played in 24 hours (whereas i used to drop 7 hours daily in BL3) just because WE. CANT. PLAY. IT.

Will crash ANYTIME, for ANY REASON, and since it’s a freeze we cant even report the crash data back. BAH.

Im about to give a try to farm Killavolt on M6 but i doubt i will get 3 shots on him even!!

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Point taken. However, the current loot situation requires ZERO synergy.

  1. Front Loader shield. Anointment irrelevant
  2. Kaosan, OPQ, Yellowcake, Monarch, Sandhawk with 150/50 Radiation/Health anointment.

This is the strongest build on ANY character: Zane, Flak (Crit or Gamma), Amara, and Moze.

Grenade, and Artifact are irrelevant. Where you put your skill points is mostly irrelevant.

So whomever’s theory it is, they failed miserably.

whos that? to me, the biggest bl3 youtuber is k6 i guess?


Quick question, after watching the video is it only Mayhem 10 that’s bugged / broken?

So would the most optimal thing to do (if you’re that farm hungry) be set to Mayhem Lvl.9 and hope for good rolls?

Also I reckon the drops in DLC2 is also broken/bugged (tested with Eista and he only drops M4 level loot)?

I bet you they WILL DO this. If they don’t do this, I will delete my account. I’m confident they will

No, all of Mayhem 2.0 is broken.

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A little “level cap increase” fatigued myself. Hopefully they won’t.

I miss having a super or grenades that feel strong. At the upper levels of Mayhem in particular. When I am tossing grenades, they feel more like snowballs.


Thanks so much for the clarification.

I reckon the Loot the Universe drops aren’t broken (I think?).

I do hope however they fix it + put those Mayhem Level tags on the weapons.

Actually would there be a source where they list the max stats for legendary weapons somewhere?

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We’ll see what Gearbox does tomorrow. There will be a new hotfix and hopefully it’ll fix these problems.

Loot the Universe seems to be working OK. I’ve farmed the Power Troopers a bit and saw a lot of ARs and Class Mods from them. Traunt is dropping a lot of shields and pistols and Killavolt is dropping a lot of SMGs.

Mayhem level tags are definitely needed. They also need to fix it so that we’re not getting under level items.

haha, i think we all get that feeling no matter which bl game is

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Hahaha true



What does that even have to do with the OP or the video? The video is talking about loot drops in 2.0 being bugged and not dropping at the rate it’s supposed to and with scaling issues. That has nothing to do with difficulty.


K6 and thiccfila are my favs. But k6 pales in subs compared to dpj in general. Its weird i jjst discovered him a month ago

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So since he says it, it must be true thank you DPJ for finally saying what everyone has noticed the FIRST day but you all avoided speaking about the day or so before the next hotfix…


never saw this guy, really
on youtube i got linked to supmatto, joltz, k6 but never this guy

Why the topic policing? I was replying to someone directly. It’s still essentially within topic, as the issue is about loot in general. I’m not sure why my reply bothers you enough to post-shame tho.