Mayhem 2.0 IS BROKE. from the largest bl3 ytuber may 5th

He did a lot on Destiny2 but since that went into the toilet he has been doing lots of stuff on BL3 he explains things pretty well most of the time.

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Okay it was a reply to the person above it but I accidentally hit the wrong reply button. I literally do not know why this is so important to you but you do you.

It’s not “so important” to me. The comment above yours is not talking about M10 difficulty…it’s talking about lacking drops, anointments etc…like the video is talking about. It’s like you were replying to the wrong thread or something. Why does anyone need to “keep in mind…” things regarding difficulty when discussing loot drops being broken? I’m just wondering what your comments about difficulty have to do with loot drops?

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Okay - uh. I’m not sure what you think I’m going to do now or in the future because you said this stuff, but I understand you’ve got a different opinion. In any case, this discussion is even more off topic than anything I may or may not have said. I’m gonna disengage now. Cheers.

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dpj isnt the biggest bl utuber , he gain his subs from different game like d2 .
joltz is biggest bl utuber , hes been doing bl video since 4 5 6 year non stop .
k6… we dont talk about him

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why not? O:

So, certain things have not been fixed yet?
…ok, bye.

I find DpJ puts out better weapon guides than joltz. Joltz puts out better guides for characters except for fl4k because they are carbon copies of Dakquan builds. K6 is clickbait

Honestly, while I respect Mak, the supposed information he was sharing about a “battle pass” was incorrect and the quotes from the gearbox rep that were in the vid he posted before it got struck down wasn’t necessary. He still feels gearbox changed gears and tossed the idea AFTER he raised such a huge stink about it. I’m not so sure. So to me it doesn’t seem at all like he was bullied he put something out with controversial voice audio and such from them and within hours it got taken down, then he walked away. It was his choice to post it. But I’m done talking about it, it is what it is.

umm , actually everyone figured similarly because how limited current meta really is . let say oh someone use sandhawk on maya and another one does the same, does it really mean its copying? its more like it become the standard loadout people will bring therefore people made similar video.

Did not notice that dpj has 1m subs until you pointed it out.

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Yeah biggest means widest audience folllowing influence supporters etc.

We might love and know some guys who been around but they dont get an audience like the bigwigs. The guya3 we love can mention something true and nothing happens. Someone with a a million subs recognizes somethings wrong and bam.

We’re not alone.

I for one was ready to give up on the game with players telling me.i should expect greens and blues and no loot regularly. That im supposed to kill a boss and i speed kill bosses… Multiple times for 8 hours and hope to see one drop.

Im sorry but those type of ppl/users KILL GAMES.
Who wants no rewards? Who wants most of the items around the game to be junk. Who is ok with bugs or things not doing what they say.

They dont keep the game healthy or are helpful. Most of the time i recognize they cant even mixmax right anyways or dont know how to kill things faster.
Hardcore in Their time spent but mediocre in ability too often. They always talk about the old games.

Anyways thats my two cents. Having recognition of an issue while gbx is silent gives me hope. Cuz i am not having a good time anymore

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Haha joltz here, so today we are trying out insert gun here.

Taking it over to athenas right now… So anyhow this gun shoots fire so I’m going to test it on shielded enemies haha. Yeah its not doing much damage lets try it on traunt…Yeah still nothing man this gun is bad. Ok so see it takes a full clip to kill traunt when his shield is up. I’m gonna try it on amara…BOOM ONE SHOT. Oh damn this guns good haha

Dpj-this is where you get it, what it does, who to use it with, and who on. Thanks for listening to my lisp and have fun guys.


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Matt I dont wanna admit i closed mouth laughed. Puffy cheeks here. Possible mouth made fart noise

Lol ty but that is the exact formula for every joltz video

Preference for individual content creators aside I’m disappointed more aren’t highlighting the serious issues with the game. You can tell most aren’t exactly happy with the state of the game but they seem reluctant to go into it.

There are exceptions of course but I’m talking the top of the algorithm youtubers - likely they are worried if they openly criticise they will end up at the bottom of said algorithm?

You can already seem them struggling to come up with inventive and unique content - the ‘Meta’ is so narrow and restrictive at higher levels (M10 is all you will see from a youtuber) that all the builds are looking very very similar and feature all the same weapons.

Maybe I’m just still sad that Derch has gone away. I could listen to a 3 hour video on the minutiae of the game right about now - it would be more fun than playing it.


They’re shills to an extent I’m convinced, I’d watch them more and respect them more (though who cares who am I lol) if they actually were honest about the state of the game. I mean I get it but it’s squeamish to see a glaring absence of a prominent voice when something so obvious is going on.


Yeah, I watched a video recently (either K6 or joltz, can’t remember which) in which he was suggesting some weapon or build that would “make Mayhem 10 tolerable.” That’s not a word that suggests satisfaction with the current state of the game. Too bad he didn’t elaborate.


I still remember the good old days when YouTube was an amusing and sometimes useful hobby filled with passionate people (and some raging narcissists) making content about whatever floated their boats.

Now that it’s a ‘career’ and clicks, subscribes and likes can be so valuable a lot of the honesty has gone.

This is a shame as I’m sure the majority of content creators are genuinely fans of their subject matter and want them to succeed. There are also a good few I genuinely feel add to the community like Fila and Derch.

Take Moxsy as an example - he made BL YouTubing his sole occupation - within weeks of the game coming out. He’s clearly doing well in YT land but that feels like a really bad long term career decision and I guess he can’t afford to fall out of favour with GB or for the game to fail.

Edit: @gwar2d2 yeah if I see another suggested vid with the line “this build destroys mayhem 10! Best build ever” I might climb through the TV and throttle someone.