Mayhem 2.0 is intense!

Got bad news guys :fearful:
I decided to try out Mayhem 2.0, and it’s very, very serious indeed.
If I had to reclassify what Mayhem 2.0 is on my own personal scale (your mileage may vary), it would go something like this:

01: MAYHEM 1: Great mixture of combat/XP earned etc, not too hard, not too easy, great fun!
02: MAYHEM 2: A nice challenge, you will need to be cautious, but not overly
03: MAYHEM 3: Hard, for experienced Borderlands players only
04: MAYHEM 4: Very hard, on par with the Old Mayhem 4 in terms of difficulty
05: MAYHEM 5: A joke, enemies are now bullet sponges, waste of ammo and time
06: MAYHEM 6: You’re not seriously thinking of coming in here are you?, Death awaits you
07: MAYHEM 7: A total joke on the player, makes Demon souls look easy while blindfolded
08: MAYHEM 8: Gearbox is now trolling us, and laughing at our misfortune :joy: lol
09: MAYHEM 9: Impossible, not even Joltzdude could survive
10: MAYHEM 10: An utter pathetic and ridiculous joke, with enemies having 12,500 x more health, and armor…Go read that part again, 12,500x health and armor!!!. I will remind people that less than 0.01% of the Borderlands Community was able to solo Maliwan takedown on Mayhem 4, and that was with 1,000x health and armor, now go and make that nearly 12 x harder and you will see what I’m talking about (and I’m not even including all the ridiculous modifiers and invulnerability modes in effect)

If anyone wishes a comparison, it would be the equivalent of OP10 on Borderlands 2, with no Bee shield, no action skills, and having only a level 50 white grade pistol…In other words, Mayhem 10 is not actually doable, it’s actually impossible

I tried Mayhem 4, and that was bad enough, i certainly will continue my joy in playing Borderlands 3, but I’ll tell you 1 thing, the Mayhem modes is definitely not for me

I defy any man to solo Borderlands 3 on Mayhem 10
I honestly can’t wait to see people’s feedback here, and to see if they’re brave enough to attempt Mayhem 10, and to let me know how they get along


I went to mayhem 10 but with my best character a meta Zane barrier/drone seing dead and redistributors sntl.

I did an Anvil run, it is largely manageable thanks to the barrier protecting me including from elemental beam modifier. However anointed take a long time to kill and upgrade of weapons is much needed.

Also it is absolutely hilarious the Warden can t kill his guards because their life pool are so bloated


Good thing the higher levels are optional. I’m nosing around 8 to try out the Very Hard modifiers (Post Mortem at the moment). Adding Death to a frantic mob is pretty fun.

The modifier on Mayhem 10 that connects the enemies and basically makes them un-killable is the worst.


Mayhem 10 is a lot easier than you think.

You get much better weapons right now. Some of the modifiers help soooo much killing dudes easily as well.
Also true takedown was harder than Mayhem 10 regular content in my opinion. And normal takedown M4 was just… normal M4.

Honestly half the reason true takedown is so hard is because the enemies are ridiculous. The stealth 1 shot dudes are ridiculous, the fliers that do obscene damage are ridiculous. The dudes with reflect shields instadown your ass if you dont watch out are ridiculous. And the dogs just relentlessly walk you down but the moment you look at them they just “nope nope nope” te fk away.

True takedown was only so hard because the whole enemy design is brutal. Which is the best way to create difficulty. The whole Maliwan Takedown is an absolute masterpiece in terms of difficulty through enemy design really.


Yeah, some of the new ones I’m seeing are very powerful. I’m off to a good start with a set of very good level 57 stuff, but will need a fresh set of heavier gear to be comfortable at those higher levels. The Mayhem Modifiers are pretty fun, and it’s a snap to roll a fun set, it’s just the enemy health values there against my builds.

The shields aren’t scaling up. Picked up a transformer on M8 that’s no stronger than my M4 shield. Also the drop rates don’t scale up either. I’ve noticed no difference in drops in M10.

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For now my main concern is that so much stuff is going on that the game slows down and audio gets all buggy, at moment I am almost playing blind just looking at my barrier and health indicator lol


Yeah the drops actually seen worse. I’m on M8 farming katagawa and the red chest keeps dropping garbage, and katagawa himself isn’t dropping much either.

I have been farming him on m10 and it’s the same although he is easy to kill as long as you have a pet to revive you from the death masks and use an electric Cutsman. You can mostly kill him in 1 go as soon as you drop down.

Today has been better with 3 x various sandhawks and lots of artifacts. Time to go and try them out.

I think that visual clarity in confined spaces has become an issue with Mayhem. There is a lot going on. Personally, I could not stay on M2 very long, the lava floor was irritating post battle looking at loot. So straight to M3. Want to make it to M6 just to have a chance at some of the loot I want to try.


Mayhem 6 is as high as I went, and while it’s definitely not my cup of tea, at least it’s doable. I just grabbed whatever weapon I found with a nice anoint and within a few minutes I had a loadout that could at least get a second wind off a trashmob, if I got downed. I’m sure it can go a lot better once I get on-level variants of some more powerful guns.

PS: some of the modifiers actually help you if you have a Transformer shield, such as Pool Party.

I solo M10 like it was the old M4… solely because I don’t see any point in picking up an m6 weapon (even tho they drop on m10 lol). Started on Gigamind with my m4 Moze it was a 10min fight, my brain boy dropped the m10 Hellshock… I snowballed from there and last night melted m10 Joey UV with an O.P.Q System+Mind Sweeper.

Some players did achieve melt status in Mayhem 10 and after how ever many days of playing and picking up M10 variants of things I doubt reverting to lower Mayhem is an option. I came for the zenith loot…

…dunno about other peoples but if you take the principal of “just keep playing” you eventually make it to the top, it just takes time and dedication. I am by no means an elitist or a math guru nor have I run any boss more than 5 consecutive times, I simply play the game continuously for fun and with each drop something gets sold, with each drop something gets replaced.

~400hrs game time, Moze, an empty bank, total of 12items in the back pack under the pretense of “nothing I carried prior is better than what I carry now.”

Don’t be intimidated by Mayhem 10, just jump in and slass like Jesus on his way to destroy the Hell and hang the Devil. Believe in yourself


:laughing: That should be your tag.

Agreed. I think visual clutter was an issue to begin with and I do agree that it is worse now. I killed Joey V. and in that fight I could barely see what I was pointing at.

As for MM 2.0 it is going pretty well for me. I am running on M6 and doing pretty well. I do agree that it is pretty intense. I think part of the trick is finding the modifiers that you can live with. An example for me is that killing an enemy now sometimes releases an ice orb. That is pretty annoying but the good thing from my POV is that killing/popping that orb counts as an enemy kill and it will take you out of FFYL.

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You get a M10 Sandhawk with 300% damage anoint and M10 turns easy as hell. Not to mention some other new weapons that are op as well.

This game is not getting harder, they are just forcing us to farm for weeks every new patch. And when we’re done farming, there’s another patch with new overpowered guns or a level cap increase.

This is a way to make people engaged in this game, but it’s not the best. I had more fun with Borderlands 1 and 2. And Borderlands 2 raid bosses were way more challenging.

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“Weeks” seems a bit extreme to say… 3days max


Exactly, seeing that Mayhem 2.0 has been out for only 1 week.

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So intense it’s crashing consoles and PCs.
(quite a number of first time posters with technical issues.)

It is awesome some people are finding the experience as enjoyable as they are. I hope we can see some resolutions soon to some of the issues it’s induced.

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I am playing everything on mayhem 10 now that I have some better weapons and mods. It really is lots of fun and as dying only costs cash and cash is as usual pretty meaningless after upgrading all the ammo slots etc it does give me a lot more to think about than just ploughing through lower levels. :grinning:

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