Mayhem 2.0 - Leveling up loot or refarming every Mayhem level

See this video from DPJ

Let’s take Lob for example. So it looks like there’s a lvl 53 Lob Mayhem 1, a lvl 53 Lob Mayhem 2, …, lvl 53 Lob Mayhem 10 .

I am hoping this is the gear leveling system we are waiting for. If it’s refarming same gear per Mayhem level, I think I might be done with this game. I hope not but it just becomes too impractical to me anymore to refarm same gear for 10 diff mayhem levels. Of course there is always that “trading …d*pe” option but doh.


never play diablo
10 lvls will be nothing lol

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I played D2. I wrote the poison Assassin guide. I dabbled with D3.


i remember somone saying they were getting ideas from diablo but that was long ago, so i can def see that. but they dont have any areas worth it. if takedowns changed map layout randomly might be interesting.
but back to weapons, i think what has been said that would be OP lvls?
1-10 for weapons.

DPJ has never played the old Borderlands games and doesn’t know what he is talking about. An upgrade system system would ruin the identity of the game and make farming pointless where as that is literally the point of all Borderlands games. It is simply never going to happen and people need to just get on the rail and grind it out as was intended instead of complain. Matter a fact most people who want the upgrading guns seem to be new to the game so it’s hard to feel bad for them when all it takes is a bit of research to see why you have to re grind every cap increase…


So if you are a new player in this game, you are expected to expect everything that was done in the previous BL series to be as is with no option to rant or make suggestions or state opinions/objections?

Also I thought this is Mayhem level and not level cap increases?


Not really, but still I’d say the loudest supporters of it for sure. I know a bunch of people who love the older borderlands games but don’t like the farming system we have in this game.


If gearbox had any sense they would make it so you have to regrind all the same for higher mayhem variants of the gear in question. And some ranting is to be expected but a majority of the community wont take it seriously. People come to Borderlands to grind their heart out, and if they don’t like the new gear cycle they need to find a different game instead of making the game something it has never been. Either that or get used to it and learn to find enjoyment in getting a new set of gear instead of complaining. Some suggestions are fine and simple QoL which would be nice sure, but upgrading guns is taking it to far and would remove any incentive to grind for new gear killing the game off sooner then its predecessors…


I get what you are saying and I respect your opinion. But I still disagree.

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Lets put this another way then. Lets say you have a pizza shop that you don’t like because the sauce is to sweet but most others seem to enjoy it. So do you riot on the streets and complain to get them to change a sauce most seem to like or just go to another pizza place? Now that your thinking about that go back to borderlands. Why would gearbox change how its always done things regarding weapon grinding after a level cap or new mechanic like the mayhem level guns when they have so many costumer who like the current way of doing things? Do you give into the fringe community and change everything to ease them or leave it as is, the answer is pretty obvious is you ask me. If you want a game that allows that destiny 2 is right their in all its glory and has those systems because that is Destiny’s unique shtick, dragging Borderlands into the universe of destiny is just moronic!


I feel like a lot of them come from Destiny where you could just feed junk into an item you want to avoid farming a new one when the light cap increased. A game IMO that has a very small loot pool for a looter game with little to no variance on item stats of the same type outside of exotics which is that game’s version of a legendary.

Another contributor I feel is the way game companies have in the past pandered to people whining about things in the past when games got to a point that changing things with patches became possible. More people decided that getting good was too hard so the developer should just nerf stuff to make it easier and require less functioning brain cells. Seriously I’ve run into people claiming to be good at games like Street Fighter that literally just sit there and push 1 button repeatedly. Long ago I enjoyed playing PvP FPS games like Unreal Tournament, Starsiege Tribes and Quake Arena. Then I got bored because it started becoming trivial as the “Human” opponents were more predictable than bots as more players flooded into the game genre that behaved like little monkeys that just copy what the person before them did and never learned from their mistakes.


Good points. But in destiny 2 they will actually be limiting infusion so old gear cant be used in the upcoming endgame stuff. So even destiny which made the idea these people want is limiting it. That shows that they don’t want people using the same gun every update and not grinding for new stuff. And if they have regrets about the system they made putting it in a grind intensive game like Borderlands would be catastrophically bad…

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I have played since 2009, my FAVORITE farming system was Borderlands 1. No need to kill the same boring mini boss countless times to get the weapon you want. Just play the game, farm Crawmerax and watch the orange rain and pray that perfect Orion is there, rinse and repeat. It was EASY to have a full load out of near perfect items without the need for “dedicated” pools.

Annointments, WAY too many of them cluttering up pools making it entirely too rare to find a “perfect” roll. Not only do you need to get the weapon you want, it needs the right parts, right element, and right annointment out of 50+ annointments.

This is the first game in this franchise that I DREAD level cap increases because of replacing my gear. I have never in prior Borderlands games wished that I could level up only a few of my favorite items like I do in this one. I would drop 10k eridium per item if I wouldn’t have to refarm for such specific gear amongst 1+ billion guns.


Randy Pitchford has had a raging hard-on for D3’s progression systems since forever!

Honestly they’ve(Gbx) already leaned so hard into D3s loot systems that at this point it point they should drop the half measure and just go Full Monty. I.E. MAKE A BLs version of Kanai’s Cube so we can level loot, swap annointments, alter class mod and relic text, etc.


Well this sort of thing is what confuses me. I thought BL3 is supposed to follow the footsteps of the BL series, but you made it sound that it’s not. I hear from some veterans that BL3 is following the BL series but there are those who don’t.

Well, I’ve played BL1 since release and I’m all for more options to alter endgame loot/loot progression.

The trouble with your statement is that with BL3, Gearbox has strayed far away from the traditional Borderlands loot system with annointments and random text/bonuses on class mods and relics. Thus, at this point it does feel like a natural step to just go ahead and skip the half measures. If they wanna change over to something like the D3 loot system, then go all the way; at least include the best aspects of it.

Options are always good. To me it would be the same if I’m farming for upgraded gear or farming to upgrade gear. As long as it’s a scalable time sink.


To be fair BL3 doesn’t need that much brain cells either. You don’t need to be a genius to play the game. Those 1 button mashing in my opinion is equivalent to BL’s farming repetition for the same gear. You just have to use some extra brain cells to see that in principle the repetition is the same as with mashing a single button.

Edit: I am not saying repetition is bad. It depends on the context.

Unless they make it mandatory to complete each Mayhem Level in sequence( which they won’t IMO) many will just go right to 10 and not bother with the rest.


A Cube to reroll and upgrade gear in Borderlands would ruin the core of the game and be the biggest mistake Gearbox could make. Even if they made it extremely pricy it would still just be people upgrading their god roll gear to the new cap and leaving it at that. Therefore removing any need to get new god roll gear from some good ol boss farming and killing the identity of the game. Drop rates are good enough to re gear half way decently in no time at all and then you get started on steadily going for better gear from their, I like the game like that and an upgrade system would kill that…


I think it will be mandatory. If not, oh yeah I will skip and go to Mayhem 10 but probably the gear requirement might stop me from skipping. Discord friends to the rescue lol (sarcasm).

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