Mayhem 2.0 M10 Cartel Challenge

So the idea here is to complete the whole Cartel run with a single weapon. It’s your choice which weapon to use, but the more unique, the more under powered, the better! There are a few rules, though.


  1. No using under leveled gear. All gear must be current level with the exception of grenades, shields, and artifacts.

  2. No exploits, just what’s suppose to be.

  3. No modded gear, obviously.

  4. You can use GR and any of the timed modifiers from the science game in Tannis’ lab.

  5. Prior to starting the run, please show your inventory by rolling over each piece of gear, show your skill trees, show your Guardian Rank screen, and show the Mayhem screen.

  6. Modifiers are players choice.

  7. Kill every enemy on the screen. Leave no stragglers!

  8. Oh, and if it wasn’t obvious, please record and post your videos here.

  9. No deaths! The run through must be completed without dying.

To start, I’ll post an easy one. I used a Maggie in the following video:

I did not kill all enemies in the above run, but will do so with future runs. Have fun and I’m looking forward to seeing what people can use in M10 to complete this!


Here’s my second attempt with a Dahl Venomous Hornet:


Now, this one technically doesn’t count since I switched to my OPQ to finish on Security Joe… But only because I decided to go into ffyl with no one else around. I wasn’t about to loose some dough because of Joe!


I will try to record a run on my terror face puncher moze.

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The pinnacle of the food chain aka the Burger, only a true hunter can handle it

That was awesome! Inspires me to try more unique weapons…

Ok, minor change in the challenge rules, but if you have multiple versions, i.e. elemental types, of a single weapon, you are permitted to use them. Example, in the following video, I used a cryo and fire Laser-Sploder:

I ll show a grease trap run with Zane and clone once I got the hang of this tricky playstyle. It is super fun to play but I need to optimize.

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At some point in the final fight I used yellowcake once to get second wind cause I ran out of bullets.

This run showcases the grease trap, this gun have 2 fire mode: primary is fire starter and secondary is hot grease (fire debuff). As expected shooting someone covered with hot grease creates a huge fire doing good damage (even good enough to burn armor or shield ) in the process. Doing it solo is tricky as the grease debuff does not last long: this weapon is designed for coop. However playing as Zane the clone double barrel capstone allows to burn merrily a target as the clone always use primary mode, the player can simultaneously soaks target in grease.

Problem is the lack of targeting : clone will aggro whoever he feels like and fighting Tyrone is ultra painful because Tyrone generates his own clones and by a poetic twist your clone feels like fighting them. Dealing with Tyrone by yourself is not an option either as he sports a generous shield, extra dps by coordinated clone action is required to take him down, and that is hard as f. and this is why this run ended up so darn long.

Running into the Roaster who is fire immune can be problematic as well but extra elements from ase is enough to take her down as she is no as tanky as Tyrone (no shield or armor).

Awesome run! With the news that GBX will be adjusting mayhem levels above 7 to make more weapons viable, we’ll be able to post more runs with a growing list of usable gear. Exciting stuff!

Here’s my latest run on the Cartel mansion armed with a Dahl Searing Nemesis! Definitely a viable pistol for M10… She packs a punch!

In this run I use the shrieking devil a cool little weapon long forgotten in this era.
The particular method is to sustain overkill chain as long as possible with a maximum charged shot of a radiation version anointed with 300 against 90. The slayer mayhem mod helps as well.
If done well you can one shot badass like the mini bos at 11:15
To spice thing up cryo orb and death mods, I relaxed after killing Joey and get killed by a cryo orb :sweat_smile:

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radiation again
I let go of a mega death sphere at the beginning… that was too tedious taking it down with ib

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Very nice! The Boring gun… Very interesting choice.

Here’s my latest run… I strayed from the rules a little bit and mainly went with the Hellwalker and had some assistance from the Clairvoyance and Companion. It was an all Jakob’s run, though, and still a lot of fun:

Not a weapon run, not exactly a grenade or melee run… It s Friday: time for the FISH RUN with a liberal amount of slapping provided by Amara