Mayhem 2.0 modifiers apparently not randomizing form me

Good day to everyone.
After downloading the new patch and the disappearance of all my equip, fortunously reappered after an hour i would have liked to try teh new mayhem mode but appearently my modifiers don ont chanhe in any way.
To better explain, i tried to return to main menu, active and deactive mayhem, switch character, change map… always the same…

My only valid weapon is an acid weapon and un of the modifiers that plague mi client is acid immunity of enemies and is easy to understand that for me is not good at all…

I suppose that anyone can change in some way its modifiers and they are not randomized once nad assigned for your entire life…

So, can anyone explain me how to randomize again my modifiers?

Thanks in advance and good luck

Dude, seriously, there is litterally a “rerol modifiers” button in the menu now.

If on PC I think you press Q on the mayhem screen. Just look in the bottom right, it will tell you how to reroll,

but it’s supposed to keep them when you exit to main menu, it’s working as intended

I missed it and I had the foreknowledge it was supposed to be there. Probably because all the mechanisms for changing and applying were on the left so that was naturally where I looked.

thank you for the information.
Premising that i remained over a month without teleports, that suddenly reappered after a long long ticket series, now i suppose that my button is not visible…

Can you explain me where it is?

In the mayhem menu in the echo device i have only 3 interactive things

mayhem on/off setting
mayhem level setting
apply button that becomes active after you change the level setting

if there is another botton i do not see it.

wait, i am using a ultra wide resolution and all is ok but the badass rank page is wrongly generated and if i do not change resolution the apply button in this page is barely visible, i can only see a little portion of it in the downer part of the screen

where is the re-randomize button located?

thank you for you patience

The button is on the right of the page, I think the key is Q on PC

it is Q

Thank you all, the problem is really what i supposed.
in 21:9 3440x1440 this page like the badass rank page is cut in the inferior border so the button is out of the screen and is explained how i cannot see it…in the end we demonstrated thet i am not totally dumb or totally blind…

anyone know where i can signal this kind of visalization bug?
I can usea workaound but someone can have the same problem and that not good…

thank you again…

You guys can run at something other than 1080p 45fps?

Okya, this explain that. Cause the button was really hard to miss if it’s not cropped out of the screen like in your case

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the strange thing is that the wrong rescaling happens only in the badass rank page and in this page, i worked in a software house for years in techical support and this apears to be only a distraction easily fixable bug (supoposing that this page are generated like the others)…for this i’d like to signal this bug to fix it…

1440p 80fps


Just good pc :slight_smile:

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