Mayhem 2.0 modifiers on/off

Hi gearbox! Thanks a lot for your game, which is keeping me company in my isolation.

I wanted to ask something about the new mayhem 2.0: are modifiers automatically switched on every time I play in mayhem mode?
Mayhem 2.0 is a great thing, but I want to be able to choose between modifiers on and off: if I want to have fun, I can choose to play with them, but I want to play “vanilla” not to ruin my immersion, say, while following a new DLC storyline.

I think this is a good compromise between those who want to play mayhem with modifiers on and those (like me) who want to enjoy the immersion in a perfectly legit sci-fi world.


To me it looks like the modifiers are an integral part of the difficulty. So probably no.

Though, from what we know already, you can just re-roll modifiers from the menu and they won’t change between zones or after save quitting (not sure if completely closing the game changes them, but then you can just re-roll again.) That means you can play on mayhem 1 and pick the least immersion breaking modifier. There’s probably a pool of 6+ easy modifiers to roll.

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As it is now, the main difficulty of Mayhem mode is the increased health and damage of enemies. So I hoped I could separate mayhem from modifiers.

I’ve never reached the op difficulty in BL2 but I understood OP levels were something like mayhem 2.0 without modifiers.

I also think that that plane damage and defense increase can be enough to distinguish the levels from another
Playing with modifiers can give you better loot drops or something. Nothing essential. So you can choose to still play the full game without them.

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Yes, exactly :smile:

That sums it up well enough. Two major points missing were that you had to complete digistruct peak to unlock the next OP level, and you couldn’t use something like an OP 3 gun in any lower OP levels.

At least that’s how I remember it. As I said, never played OP levels myself. I really hope, higher mayhem versions of guns will be usable in lower mayhem levels and just scale appropriately. I can already feel the oncoming aneurysm of wanting to play on a lower mayhem level for something, but not being able to use all your good guns, making it effectively harder.

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Oh, you can play with your op guns in lower levels afaik.
Right now I have a weird situation in bl2, losing my op progress because I am not max level anymore (it’s 80 now) and I have op weapons still, in a non op environment

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Mayhem mode 2.0 is selectable in your echo, where you can choose the level and re-roll modifiers at any time. The state is maintained between sessions. So, if you had selected M6 (for example) your game will still be on M6 when you start it up again, but you can change it before heading anywhere. Your last set of modifiers are also retained, so if you get a set you like you can just leave them that way without needing to re-roll the next time you play.


So I can’t turn them off completely while playing in mayhem, right?

You can turn mayhem mode off (M0) just as you can do now with the current system. You can’t have Mayhem 2.0 on without modifiers, though.

If you’d prefer the ability to have adjustable difficulty without modifiers, there’s a thread for that.

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I’m really glad they did it that way. It hopefully fixed everything that was wrong with M3. Imagine farming an enemy or a boss repeatedly, which in many cases takes about a minute per run, but each time having to figure out what fresh hell you just landed in so you could adapt.

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Yeah, that’s the good part :smile:

Regardless, I would like to be able to switch them off in other circumstances, like while I’m playing a DLC.
For example, I’ve played guns, love and tentacles in Mayhem 1 only to try out some of the legendaries I’ve never used in Mayhem 4 and to fully concentrate on the storyline.

Thanks for listening to my feedback :smile: I’ve created this thread out of complete ignorance on how this forum works.

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You’ll find lots of information about how the forum platform works here: NEW FORUM BASICS.

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Thanks :smiley:

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