Mayhem 2.0 query

So I’ve recently decided to get back into Borderlands 3 given its my favorite game series but I don’t have much time in it. In the way of progress I am on my first (and only) TVHM 100% run. My question in regards to the new Mayhem question is this; I left off playing on Mayhem 3 back before the 2.0 update because it was a pleasant balance of loot and difficulty (that and Mayhem 4 was just plain ammo dumping), which of the new 10 Mayhem modes would you recommend, one that gives the highest loot drops but not to the point of difficulty where I’m literally dumping all my mags into one enemy? Thank you for your time.

There are a lot of variables to what you’re asking. Who do you play? What kind of build do you run?

Honestly, I would just feel it out. Play what seems to work best for you. Enemy health ramps up pretty fast in 2.0 levels. M4 is similar to old M4 with 1000% health/armor/shield.

The new, more powerful weapons are locked behind M6+.

Check out this weeks drops for the Loot The Universe event.

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I personally play at mayhem 10 since I am big into the min/maxing and build optimizing part of the game, but I feel like mayhem 4, 6, and 8 are good places for people who want to feel like their guns are powerful and don’t want to spend too long on badass enemies and bosses. Just keep in mind that you will need a good gun from a lower mayhem level to compete on whichever mayhem level you end up choosing.


Depends. I’d say Mayhem 8 is pretty good but I recommend you pick up some slightly higher mayhem gear before you that high to keep up with the health scaling. You need to be playing at least on Mayhem 6 to get access to all of the new guns.

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If you want to go fast to mayhem 10 just do the cartel event drop opq system and the yellow cake , farm Captain traunt and katagawa , i did mayhem 6 then 8 then 10


It appears I should start back at around 6, start grinding out the cartels! Thank you to all for your tips and time, have a good day and stay safe!

Warden is worth farming as well, the Plaguebearer is his M6+ drop. It’s basically a Scourge on roids.

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M4 2.0 seemed way easier than M4 of old. I’d probably start on M6 and see how that feels. If nothing else start on M4, get the cartel event weapons and proceed to M6 with ease.


I would actually say 7, it is easier in terms of having fewer modifiers than 6.


I agree with this statement and would go one further. If you can handle the slightly higher stat bloat of M8 there are even fewer modifiers to worry about which makes re-rolling them a breeze.

I think overall M8 is the best difficulty…the only downside is not getting the 100% anointment on gear like you do with M10. I wish they would rethink that rule and let it apply to at least M8 and above if not M6 and above.


The trouble might be that virtually all your farmed weapons will now seem weak and under-powered.