Mayhem 2.0 scaling question

So I was wondering, I know Weapons now additionally scale with mayhem level but do other items like grenades, artifacts, shields, and class mods? I really can’t tell

Only weapons.

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Not currently.

Careful of weapon drops, nothing from chests will be mayhem level same as items dropped by loot tinks and from turrets for some reason.

Look carefully at every drop and see if it is for MH10 or not. Weapon dmg is what I use to see.


I just finished my BL3 in normal mode using Amara and now i’m playing it in TVHM and Mayhem 4…
Until now, i still wondering how to scale my character from mayhem to mayhem, i mean, how do i know that my character is ready for mayhem 5, 6, etc…

Please answer, it’ll be much appreciated…

If your Amara is 57th level, I’d say you should be able to start at M6 and see how it feels to you. I’m an average player at best, and that’s how I did it. Before Mayhem 2.0 came out I was playing at M4, the previous max difficulty, and the new M6 is not a huge increase from the old M4.

Just wait until after the hotfix on thursday the 4th. then the weapon cards will read what mayhem level they are. just farm on mayhem 4 or 5 and keep working you’re way up.

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Thank you, now i’m playing at M5 to see if my build is ready for M6 or higher
Anyway, you play Amara too?

You’re welcome. I mainly play as Fl4k, but I have the other three at level 57 as well. Amara’s my second favorite.

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