Mayhem 2.0, The Great Divide

Mayhem 2.0 rolled out with a rocky start and that is just the start of it.

The loot system is corrupted which every player can see, however there is a bigger issue engulfing co-op that is about to pretty much kill multiplayer and turn the game into more solo oriented.

Particle effects with more than 2 players is becoming a bigger and bigger issue and creating more lag in games. Once it bogs down, we are bracing for a player to blue screen and just hoping it is not host.

The Great Divide:

Now we get weapon scaling with M2.0 to handle the higher Mayhem levels. Where is the issue in that?

I can only play with about half my friends now. Most won’t go above M6 due to lag reasons on higher mayhems, or they tried it and just don’t like it.

What happens now when I try to play with them?

I murder everything and it is not fun for them, so I leave.

This is the opposite direction of where a Co-Op game should head. Should end-game be difficult? Yes! Should it tear us away from playing with our friends? No!

Between performance issues or loss of friends and people jumping out due to one of those reasons(which is more commmon now), I am losing more faith in this game. I actually love the concept of most modifiers in Mayhem 2.0, however the execution of it along with the dividing boundaries of playing with friends made Mayhem 1.0 a much better experience.

This has become a huge issue for me and most people I know who play or used to play now. Please if you are experiencing the same or similar, voice it.


Modifiers need to be optional and individually toggled. If you can turn off the stuff that causes crashes then co-op becomes viable again.

More difficulty options will mean not everyone is at same level, but with ability to twaek the modifiers hopefully it helps find something everyone in the party can cope with without being a cakewalk.


I thought the game was rough last week, so like the stubborn idiot I am I toughed it out and waited to see what the first update/hotfix to address issues would be. Lo and behold after about 6 hours more I’m playing a different game entirely. I refuse to do more beta testing for gearbox at this point. I’ll check back in when the next dlc drops.


I did that last time … Here i am again at the start of mayhem 2.0 … It is not getting better. It is getting worse.


That would be ideal and was a great balance in m1.0/M4. You would still have the issue however someone might not want to run M10 and you still have a gear balance issue if you play with them.

Not only the issue with lag that seems to be much worse than months ago, but you have the added risk of constant boots to the game main screen, or worse yet, to your system dashboard.

That coupled with the additional risk of losing progress, level progression. Both of which my buddy and I have experienced on Xbox One X since this last patch.

I’m not willing to risk ruining my Xbox over an issue GB should have tested and corrected prior to this last patch.

I’d love to hear from any of the AAA game companies on how they handle, or don’t, testing of their games. It seems to me there isn’t any going on right now.

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We are the beta testers atm. In about a year or so it will become a complete game.

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I’m effectively “out”. Some of it is that I’ve played for 8 to 12 hours every day since launch, run the campaign nine full times, all the DLC, and have all four characters at least “reasonably geared”. I came. I saw. I crashed. (Xbox)

But part of it is I just don’t like Mayhem 2.0. Most of it is “okay”. It certainly isn’t “too hard” by any stretch. (I just love the people saying we complain because we want everything “easy”. It’s is absolutely nothing at all about the difficulty, it is NOT much harder than the previous M4 was.) It just feels tedious, and there’s no ability to get away from the “wacky factor” that for me at least, completely disrupts my immersion.

This will be the first and only event I have not had 100% completion. I’m not sure it’s worth the hassle for the cosmetics this time. I’m not feeling the drive to refarm the gear. I’ve never been one of the farming crowd in Borderlands anyways.

Since Mayhem 2.0 I do not feel compelled to play the game.


Lol same for me on the completion.

You are not alone. I do like some of the wacky off the wall modifiers, but at the same time there is not enough variety nor way you can modify which modifiers you want. I don’t mind running a big head floor is lava, but I want to do it when I want to do it, not when I am doing a hardcore farm or a serious run though.