Mayhem 2.0 trying to make a chain

It’s great. Has issues but overall fun idea and cannot wait to see it be expanded on.
Let’s get the positives here. If you dont like it I know.

Just…go away, we heard you.

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The stealth sections of Borderlands 3 were a great change of pace from the regular gameplay.

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Stealth sections?

I am also curious about these stealth sections???

It’s how Mr. Torgue described “Diamond Mercenaries 2” in the Matter of Taste side mission in his DLC from BL2 in response to negative criticism from Buff Gamer. I just changed the game name… some “critiques” of BL3 sound like Buff Gamer to me, so I thought this was funny.

That said, while I don’t know if any sections of BL3 are meant for stealth, it’s a functional game mechanic (give FL4K an Unseen Threat with Fade Away, and creep your way through a map undetected).


Haha I play melee flak, regular FA and a buttplug xD it’s not the best but it functions at m10 and is a weird way of playing lol

And ohhhhh gacha!
I thought I had just blatantly missed what sounds like it could’ve been a fun side quest lol

Seriously, even if that weapon sucked, I’d vote for it a return to BL3… like the gun gets into the combat in an aggressive way that’s still funny, so you’re pumped for the combat and laughing at the same time. On critical hits, for example, it might say “In your f*cking face, skank!” in a voice that only Elle Dawe can nail.