Mayhem 2.0: when?

Has anyone got any inkling on the time frame for 2.0 release? I haven’t played BL3 much lately because I want to play on hardest difficulty through TVHM but the combination of M4 + anointed mobs has really turned me off from playing. It’s just too tedious to be fun. I’m hoping Mayhem 2.0 will improve that but I have no idea when that is coming. Anyone read any info on this anywhere?

Unless I’m missing something, we now have Mayhem 2, 3, and 4.

Anointed don’t have immunity anymore. It’s much better.

Don’t have immunity to cryo; i took a trip through anvil n still had the immune phases (and some invisible shield bs). Found 2 loot tinks though so it was ok

DLC has no anointed

and you can just ignore most of the anointed :wink:

i’m having fun now in M4 (but yeah, anointed and rocketlauncher enemies need a rework ASAP)

Yes. You are missing something. Mayhem 2.0 is the Mayhem revamp that they said is coming. I wasn’t referring to the Mayhem level 2.

What? Since when do they not have immunity? I been reading patch notes and don’t recall seeing that. They did remove immunity to cryo a while back which helped a lot in M3 but I find in M4 combined with the never ending immunity phases it’s just too obnoxious.

Yeah, I might check it out. It sounds better. However, I’m still wanting to complete TVHM in highest difficulty (which was the original point of my post) so just wondering when the revamp is coming. Hopefully, anointed are also dealt with in the same patch and overall it’s not a worse experience.

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Not “full” immunity I should have said

Yeah, the only element they changed was cryo immunity because it wasn’t intended apparently. I had pretty good luck killing anointed with an arctic night hawkin in M3 but the combination of M4 stat bloat and the never ending (full) immunity phases have made the anointed once again unbearable to deal with even when using a weapon like the night hawkin (IMO).