Mayhem 3.0 Soon?

Revert it back to the original mayhem please where weapons and skills were viable, the game was fun and (somewhat) balanced. Remove the modifiers and maybe just do 5 or 6 mayhem levels of strictly increases to enemy health shields and armour, as well as XP and drop rates. This would make it feel new and give myself as well as some other’s a much needed second wind towards the game in my opinion.


mayhem 5 with the rolling modifiers would be okay

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no modifiers!
but yea, 1 or 2 additional difficulties and we basically got what we need


at least an option to turn modifiers on/off

more acceptable?


yes :l

I hand a thread with a poll exactly on that . Go add your vote if you haven’t already! Maybe Gbx will listen!

What about if they kept the modifiers but, as with Mayhem 4, there is one buffing you (Slayer, Galaxy Brain, etc.) and one buffing the enemy (Chain Gang, Rogue Lite, etc.) and then that’s it. It would be simple and easy to reroll and, because of the number of modifiers active, it would probably not lower performance too much. Would work, right? :man_shrugging:

I’ve got a an idea, which may sound stupid but what if you played on a lower mayhem difficulty were it feels more balanced and enjoyable?

I’m not saying the game doesn’t need adjustments perticularly on higher mayhem levels but to suggest that they should remove an entire system they’ve spent months on is just silly to me.

Swallow your pride or whatever it is that forces you to play on a higher difficulty than you find enjoyable and fine tune it for yourself. There is no shame in playing on MH5, MH3 or even MH0. What’s important is to find the right level that is most enjoyable to you.

The sooner people realise that this game will never be a balance masterpiece that will appeal to absolutely everyone, the quicker they can start to enjoy the game on their own terms.

laughing… “months on”? Seems more like hours.

I could deal with mayhem 20 if it didn’t determine the power of the items dropped. It should cut farming times by improving rng someway, like by improving amount of dedicated drops % for example.
On mayhem 20 a raid takes forever to be beaten but the bosses drop 10 items from their dedicated pool.
On mayhem 1 a raid is completed like a breeze but the bosses have a 5% of dropping their dedicated loot.
You choose what’s best for you in between that range.

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Mayhem 3.0?? Hell yea!

-1,500,000% more health, armor and shields

  • All enemies have cryo weapons (slow you down)
  • All enemies move 100%% faster
  • Invincibility drones have invincibility drones, guarded by shields, which are then guarded by another set of shields, and THOSE shields have invincibility drones
  • 50% bullet reflection!! :metal:
  • Drop rates have decreased…work harder for them drops!
  • You are no longer allowed on Sanctuary

I like it :+1:



Jokes on you, they can’t do ■■■■ if I’m not even starting the game up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You forgot…invincibility drones also carry portable walls around so they are 100% of the time stuck behind a wall…even outside!


Invisible Invincible Invincibility Drones.

Edit: Raidboss is a giant anointed version of this. So a anointed “Invincibility drones have invincibility drones, guarded by shields, which are then guarded by another set of shields, and THOSE shields have invincibility drones” that’s guarded by the invisible one and the one from @Sidartha