Mayhem 3 50% reflect penalty & Sirens - broken?

I run a Siren that uses ricochet in my build, as well as that I also use Rowan’s Call for flesh targets (which also ricochets on crit). I regularly play on Mayhem 3, and last night I noticed a new Mayhem penalty that means enemies have a 50% chance to reflect the damage you do.

Now, my issue is this. I cannot help when my skill procs with ricochet (30% most of the time, 60% when my action skill is running). I can, however, try not to get crits with my weapon. The problem is that you can easily kill yourself just by shooting at an enemy, and I mean really quickly, when this penalty is running.

I like the idea of mayhem penalties, to give you a fresh challenge each time you load in. However, I honestly believe the 50% reflect penalty isn’t working correctly, or is perhaps too high. I mean, I can reload the map to get better penalties, but surely it should be a challenge, not insta-death … it just seems majorly broken because it feels like you can’t DPS anything without dying.


Happy to provide footage to GBX if required … with the reflect mayhem affix on, you literally can’t shoot anything without dying. This can’t be intended.


Amara can basically ignore the 30% reflection with Sustainment. Even better - use an artifact with +183% elemental damage if you are affected by the element. Bullets will be reflected, you will burn the whole time and have a massive damage increase.

I kinda agree that the reflection can be nuts tho, other VH have much more problems with it than Amara tho.


I’m sure they do … I mean, you can just reload the map or switch in gear, but if I die I’d prefer it to be because I either made a mistake or the enemies overcame me … dying to your own dps because the % is too high or you haven’t noticed the mayhem penalty until you’ve cleared half a map is kinda lame. The ricochet is a core ability for Amara … 60% if your action skill is running, so you literally have no control over it, unless you choose to respec just for one mayhem penalty … it’s plain weird. I just think it’s over the top as a penalty.

In a shooter game I kinda wanna shoot things … you know …

No that I finally got around to playing with Amara and getting into TVHM, this is definitely a problem. It didn’t bother me that much with Moze & FL4K but I seem to be going down with Amara every 2 minutes when I have that Mayhem modifier. Granted, I can usually get myself back up, but it is stupid annoying and has proven deadly a few times if the enemy dies from my DoT right after reflecting a bullet.

It’s gotten to the point to where anytime I roll that modifier it’s an instant quit and reload. It’s just not fun at all.

Agreed, Last night I joined my buddy in the Slaugherthingy 3000, It had the 30% reflect projectile modifier. At first all was going well, I could handle getting downed and getting up again. But the last 3 waves of the last round on M3 were brutal.

I think it should get toned down a bit. Maybe 15%? And don’t bother using a Lyuda with that modifier, insta downed. Hate that modifier tbh, I don’t like seeing it. Solo, I just restart a game, but as my buddy was a grenade chucking mayhem Mozie, and he was already in round 3, I just ran with it. Big mistake. I wasn’t specced into sustainement either I think, been a while since I checked or changed my build.

Edit: just checked I have one point in it lol.

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