[Mayhem 3] Balancing suggestions

Hey guys, first post so take it easy on me.

So, I’ve been playing BL3 a lot since it came out and I’d like to express some feelings about the game’s balancing system, specifically TVHM Mayhem mode 3.
First of all I’m maining Zane so it is possible that the suggestions below do not consider or will not apply to players that play other Vault Hunters, although I believe that they also run into same problems from time to time.

Mayhem 3 modifiers:

I do not know how to say this nicely, but that cr4p sucks. Having to haul 10 or more weapons around just to adjust to situation is time consuming, it is needless, it is exhausting and it does not make the game more challenging, because you can always switch to a weapon type that gets insane buffs and basically makes combat trivial. It does not make the game more interesting, it just makes it more of a hassle than enjoyment.

Now my suggestion would be to lower the mayhem 3 buffs/debbufs, or if it is even technically possible now, adjust it so stacking debuffs/buffs do not occur together like enemies resist [insert damage type here] damage and gun damage/skill damage reduced together, because that completely breaks some builds, it is NOT fun to waste time and browse inventory every time you enter a new area, or shamefully reload from menu when the conditions become unplayable.

Annointed Enemies:

They should not spawn in groups, at least not Annointed Millitants or Annointed Goliaths. Also it is frustrating that seemingly only splash damage is the sole reliable way of dealing with them. Complete elemental immunities should also NOT be a thing with them as they reliably gatelock progress unless you have a specific weapon to deal with these guys at that specific time. Also when you add Mayhem 3 multipliers to the mix, it creates situations where progress is not possible at all. They are manageable most of the time, just take too much effort out of the player for WAY too little reward when you add the Mayhem 3 buffs/debuffs to the mix.

Okay, so I feel like i’ve covered the main two aspects that make TVHM Mayhem 3 way more frustrating than it should be, and I hope that someone from Gearbox sees this. I hope other people on this forum also voice their concerns. I did not browse the forum to see if it was already covered, although Im sure concerns had been voiced, mine is only another one of the bunch, frankly I do not have the time, I prefer playing the game over having to moan about it.

Have a good one boyos.

TLDR: Nerf Annointed, tone down Mayhem buffs/debuffs.

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I don’t think Anointed really need a nerf, overall they aren’t really invincible and some mobber setups like those for Moze chew through them like a knife through butter anyway.

As for modifiers, I don’t think they need to be nerfed, instead player should be able to “ban” a modifier or maybe even two from appearing, so that they won’t have to face completely crippling modifiers for their build.

Then maybe they should have some sort of illegal combinations for some modifiers.