Mayhem 3 - could it be less random and more interesting?

I personally like Mayhem 3 precisely because of the random modifiers. However, I’d welcome if there was some consistency to those modifiers.

Just last night, I was playing the bit where you’re chasing Pain and Terror in their unusually large vehicle and are supposed to kill all the supporting vehicles. I kid you not, it took over 2 minutes to take down just one vehicle while I was blocking it so it couldn’t move. That means I was missing 0 shots the whole time.

Sometimes you get modifiers that make you do close to no damage and heavens forbid enemies shoot 2X projectiles and do extra damage, while also being resistant to incendiary.

The modifiers should force you to change your character loadout on the go, so that you actually have an incentive to use a variety of different weapons. When the modifiers sometimes make the game nearly unplayable no matter what I use, it’s just going to make me reload the game sooner or later, which is something I hate doing.

Sometimes it goes the exact other way around. The game creates modifiers which make it easier than normal mode no Mayhem. Which honestly isn’t my kind of fun either.

Also, I think it would be better if weapons types weren’t bunched up into two categories. So that sometimes you’re encouraged to play snipers and shotguns, other times pistols and assault rifles, and so on.

tl;dr: Prevent Mayhem 3 from generating unbalanced modifiers.

Mayhem 2.0 is coming eventually. Hopefully it improve things.