Mayhem 3 legendary drops

I’m not sure if it’s just me or what but is anyone else notice not as much legendaries dropping in mayhem 3?? I went from getting a lego like every 15 to 20 mins and now it’s like I’ll be playing for a couple hours with nothing. So just wondering if the legendary drop rate was lowered at all.

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Not just you but it seems much less. M4 the same thing as it feels like M3 but not plentiful if that makes any sense

Weird. I get tons of drops on M4.

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I probably been farming Gigamind and Sky Bullies on M4 and haven’t tested anywhere. I’m sure I got hit with terrible rng too sadly

I just killed Killavolt 5 times on Mayhem 3 , with +luck gear as well, and not a single legendary dropped. In prior weeks I would average 1-2 legendaries per kill and only occasionally get none. Did the last hotfix break legendary drop rates for some bosses?

I wonder if they drop the drop rates if you’re farming. I have been cruising through the story mode and I have to dump my backpack regularly because of the amount of drops. Not trying to gloat.

I’m on Xbox if you’re looking for a specific weapon or item hmu

Farmed him today about 10 times and averaged 2-4 per round.

That’s the thing though I’m not farming any boss or anything jus doing mayhem 3 tvhm story mode and I used to have to do the same with my inventory but now it’s like I’m only getting one or two a day. It jus seems odd that all of a sudden there’s like no legendary activity anymore unless yer farming bosses on mayhem 4… I wonder if mayhem 4 bugged the mayhem 3 system or something that would be crazy lol

And I’m also rockin’ luck artifacts and my guardian luck is almost 15% its jus so weird

Felt exactly the same, so I did Grave on M4 lolololol 100 rounds left on one wep type, on M3 its was taking about 40 to 100 secs to drop him standard tactics ( new flak, so still learning my Ex Mules strengths )

7 minutes and thousands and thousands of rounds, for 2 legendary class mods that are both fkd apparently,

but there does really seem a lot less of anything dropping, looks like all the negative changes in the patch where successfully implemented but with no guardian rank perks working to balance it out and the black site being aimed at groups if you solo your a lil fkd at the moment

ah well, maybe in a month they will sort it, no rush when you don’t give a ■■■■ about the mess you have made of things, they have their money, and they know we are all loyal enough, or stupid enough to just keep playing :slight_smile:

Dude just ran heck hole twice with NO LEGENDARIES lol I’m pretty sure when I read one of the patches they put EXTRA chances to get legendaries into THIS SPECIFIC EVENT… sooooo wut happened lol

7 drops rampager m4

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I was farming Rakkman for like 4+ hours yesterday on mayhem 3 for Night Flyer and got nothing exept 3 random legendaries. Same thing happened a few days ago while farming for the Cutsman. Dedicated loot drops are trash now.

It must be a bug for some people. I was trying to get some specific item from Tyreen, so I farmed her for an hour on MH3 - NO legendary drops. I switched to MH2 then I was getting 2 or 3 per kill, it still took an hour to get the King’s Call but it is a lot (A LOT) better than trying to get it from a world drop.