Mayhem 3 Pet Build- Spiderant Supernova (With Slaughter Shaft Gameplay)

Hey guys. Here is my build centered around the Spiderant Scorcher and Gamma Burst. The main goal of the build is to give the Spiderant as much damage and tankiness as possible, while granting FL4K some great bonuses as well to stay in the fight. In this video, I break down my skill trees, gear, and overall impressions of this build. It’s been a lot of fun running in circle of slaughter and proving grounds, so definitely give it a try and let me know how you like it.


Love the format, will try when I get a higher level FL4K.

Thank you! I know there are more buffs around the corner, so pet builds will be even more powerful come November, depending on when you hit 50

What modifiers were on?

They were pretty generous for this. I had 45 elemental I believe, and additional 50 assault rifle sniper, but negative smg shotgun pistol. Have also had success with less forgiving modifiers, though.

Hey guys. Figured it would help to show this build in action, so here is some gameplay from a Slaughter Shaft Mayhem 3. The link to the build is in the description, but I will post a link here as well, for those who want to check it out first. Let me know if you have any questions at all.“cb__2759216193___p__2158073648-5_281565876-2_1740990601-3_4171864922-1_3579448174-5_3320005682-2_4162841610-3_2818453945-5_2675403350-3_696695617-5_814334668-1_2555484897-5_390492389-1_1226621728-4_2694263575-3___e__1618958551-3114692079_403040056-345989920_1825536534-2041327099_772024924-1673352944”

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