Mayhem 3 vs TVHM Mayhem 3

Quick question as I can’t find an answer on google. Is there a difference between normal mayhem 3 and TVHM mayhem 3. About to start the event and would rather play my Flak but my Amara has beaten TVHM so if the rewards are better and the game is more challenging I’ll do it on her. I should know this as I’ve almost 750 hours played but no idea.

Assuming your Fl4k has completed normal mode, since they have access to mayhem 3 normal… I think patch notes said that mayhem is unlocked at beginning of TVHM now on consoles as well - at least pretty sure that was in the patch and not on the roadmap. Never hurts to check

That’s not what I’m asking. I’ve beaten normal on flack and Amara and I play mayhem 3 on then both but I also play mayhem 3 on TVHM on Amara but don’t notice a difference between mayhem 3 normal and TVHM mayhem 3.

I’ve also wondered the same thing. If there’s a difference, it’s not obvious to me at least. Hopefully someone can chime in if there’s been any sort of official answer given.

Right, all I was saying is you should be able to do mayhem 3 on TVHM on both characters now…

Tougher enemies drop better loot. That’s a staple of the series. TVHM will spawn higher quality enemies which means more chances regardless of mayhem

Yeah i see what you mean. But no mayhem is only available to my Flak on normal. I have to beat TVHM AGAIN to get access to it on Flak lol meh

If you can’t access mayhem 3 on TVHM yet with Fl4k I’d submit a ticket…

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I’d like to test if enemies have more health, but it’s difficult because all those modifiers really complicate testing.

One thing I noticed before is: TVHM increases elemental bonuses and penalties, so I thought that might be a difference. However, even Mayhem 1 in normal mode gets the same bonuses/penalties.

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No you don’t have to finish the Story just to unlock Mayhem on TVHM, it will be available as soon as you’re on Sanctuary & have full Access to the Ship.

Not for me pal. I’ve beaten the game with Amara on normal and TVHM and have mayhem on both difficulties. I’ve beaten the game with Flak on normal and I’m half way through on TVHM and no access to mayhem on TVHM for him.

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If you’re on Console then don’t know what’s the Issue but on PC you should actually be able to choose Mayhem 1 - 3 right after Lilith tells You to check on the Crew, at least i was able to.

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