Mayhem 4+ needs slag 8

Yes we all hate it, but all of us have used it. I just jumped back into BL2 and realized I needed to farm a new sandhawk. So I reset UVHM and went about my way and kept getting downed. Then I realized I had a magic missile grenade and all was right and good with the world again. And I survived and destroyed everything in my path like the God that I was at level 80.

I main Moze. And I do seek OP strimmer builds. I have a lvl1 stop gap and I am immortal, but I’m still weak and have to empty my bottomless mag to kill anything. If I only had a magic missle slag grenade, I would be a God again.

Until the level cap goes up and we can get into some for real end game stuff. I will be in UVHM on BL2 and TPS. At least until new DLC comes out. I did pay for this cripe after all.

I really miss feeling like a true to life Ultimate Vault Hunter. I can’t get that feeling in BL3 unless I turn off Mayhem and get no drops.

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No thank you.

If I can smoke M4 content on Zane, I don’t see how you could be doing any worse with Moze. I have a friend who plays Moze as his main VH. He can one shot anything in M3, and one or two shot most anything in M4.

I don’t miss OP levels and Slag at all, and I absolutely would not want to see any of that in BL3. It can stay in BL2 where it belongs.


That only means you’re doing something wrong. Slag in BL2 was the dumbest idea, thank god they didn’t use it in TPS and BL3.


Unfortunately I have not been able to score good anointed gear as of yet. Yes I see Zane, Fl4k, and Amara destroying M4. I can manage M4 as Moze, but I can’t destroy and sustain like the other VHs. Even if I did have good anointed gear. Which hasn’t been dropping for me. Sadly a have a full time job and I have to feed my family. The few hours a week I can farm are completely fruitless. I’ve traded here and there and I’ve also bought gear from ebay. I hate to admit that, but I have.

I’m still way under powered and really need to lvl up my other vault hunters. Really sad I pickled Moze to start out with. A magic missle grenade mod would work so well for her.

If you main Moze then spec more in Demo Woman tree and get Tediore pistol, smg, and shotgun (prefer each element) with MIRV homing. It should carry you in M4 no problem


I’m sorry to hear that. I also have a family, career, etc. I understand how Mayhem modes can be a catch 22. You generally need better gear to move up in difficulty (though a good build can go a long way to accomplishing that as well), but the drop rates on lower Mayhem modes (or no Mayhem mode) can be abysmal.

My advice to you is find a friend on your chosen platform who can help you find gear. It’s what I did. Mind you, you can’t be a mooch either, but if you’re willing to help them out with stuff you find, they’ll return the favor.

Also, spend a little time outside the game researching builds for your VH. And I’m not just talking about these forums. There’s a ton of good info on reddit, YouTube, etc. Pay less attention to streamers and more attention to guides and discussions about what works and what doesn’t work for your VH. A little insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your class can really help you figure out which gear (and which anointments) you should be seeking.

Hope this helps, and I wish you luck.


It was originally announced (via Pitchford) that Radiation was intended to be the new de-buff element. It was described as being “the new slag” but with a damage-over-time aspect.

Apparently, at some point that design decision was dropped (or it was simply inaccurately described in the first place) because what we ultimately recieved is more skin to a kind of general purpose Shock element(as opposed to the DOT/de-buff originally described).

Anyways, I’m not sure how good I would feel about Slag coming back. It worked fine(mechanically and thematically) for Borderlands 2 but it did often feel redundant and is a pretty dated concept now.

You just need to get some better gear. Try to trade for what you want in the forums here. It worked well for me.

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Nope. I have to disagree here.
Though a reduction in Annointed health and frequency of these enemies would be nice because they are stupid OP.

Oh please no more slag, it was the worst part of bl2 imho…
The programmers are taking a risky path with 50% more damage anointments imho. They are making absurd enemy health pools necessary again and I am already worried about that…
Dlc was fine, I hope they use that as a base to build upon…

You are weak because you rely on a stupid and lazy exploit that grants you immortality, instead of grinding gear that synergizes with your build allowing you to clear the mob. We don’t need slag, BL2 taught us this much.


That was a misunderstanding when the announced it. He said it makes enemies around the target weaker. Meaning it gave an AOE DOT. They had no intention of making it debuff enemies. That was the entire reason to remove slag.


My Moze handles everything pretty good. M4. Of course, I’m not running some meta trick build. I run a Mind Sweeper, a Corrosive SMG, and a combo of fire splash and crit related skills. M4 isn’t gonna work for you without making conscious choices to makw what you have work for you.

Most good gear you can farm in m3. Reroll modifiers if you need to, but you can find good stuff more reliably in three than 4 anyway, because you can kill things quicker. If you’re slogging through 4, and can breeze through three, eventually Quantity will over power the luck factor.


M4 is for more specific builds to be successful, I’m betting your deep in SoR, folks who say Moze is weak are always in that tree (That’s a hint). Try different things on your own, that’s the true fun of the game…finding that combination that works and then improving on it. Moze is my favorite because she doesn’t steamroll everything, you actually have to play the game instead of ‘Gunzerk-ing’ it. One of my buddies likes to Driver Amara the game and then complain the game is boring…duh…of course!


um…use another build… i’d personally recommend SOR skill tree, combined with the lower tier dmg perks from BM and DW tree, (if you’re already running SOR, try something else! the best part of the game is revamping your build for your play style. personally with Fl4k main, my play style is wild rabbit jumping into the middle of the fight and capping every enemy around me before they shoot off too many rounds, and with Moze I just walk through melting everything in my path with irrational levels of fire power (literal fire power, her incendiary dmg output is AMAZING buh bye annointed). experiment, like in college.) I have great survivability and amazing dmg output. Transformer, Bloodletter, Deathless, roided Ghast Call, Storming the Dictator (trying to get another Molten the Dictator for her but for now Storming does just fine), Night Hawkins, Trevonator (corrosive/fire), and AAA or ION CANNON alternating and she is just Bad A.

My Fl4k is even more of a glass cannon, much better dmg output but goes down easier, my Zane is fun but not even touching tanky or strong (but Old-U and Dopplebanger sure are fun as Heck). Haven’t really used my Amara much since I finished out the story with her and hit lvl 50, but she is great crowd control with FOE and Brawl skill trees. Just experiment with other builds, re-specing isn’t too expensive and until Handsome Jackpot the only use for money that really mattered was SDUs.

I actually liked slag as it definitely added another layer of complexity.


Forcing you to purposely put a slag thing in your load out is false complexity. Breaks build diversity by making it so everyone now needs to have a slag item in their set.

Sure. In multi-player it would be kinda neat to have a Slagger on the team so everyone else could run what ever, but it really tosses single player build work out the window.

Maya got away with it because she had scorn or ruin.

Sal could hold two weapons at once, no big deal for him.

Gaige’s interspersed outburst was a joke. I ran it anyway, because Catalyst com boosted it. But it was a single time thing between reloads. Not exactly conducive to play.

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Nah, it wasn’t a misunderstanding, it was straight up mis-announced “radiation is the new slag” by Pitchford during the live twitch:

…but was later updated(via email to polygon,etc)…

But yeah, I stand by my statement that slag was mechanically and thematically sound for the time but does feel outdated now.

I like the way Radiation ended up being, even if the dot could(imo) be a little tad stronker.

If you’re struggling with Moze in Mayhem, try this build.

Moze - Green Monster

You’ll want to pick up the new Class Mod from the DLC, and preferably get one that does NOT have Click Click as one of it’s passive improvements. That Skill is the antithesis to what this build does. You want one with these passives, and ONLY these passives.


You are going to want weapons that

1.) Have the biggest Magazine Size you can find.
2.) Are Fully Automatic
3.) Uh… give you options? For situations…?

I run with:

  1. ) Annointed Ogre
    Gives me bonus radiation damage on my next two magazines on Action Skill End. So… Yeah, I never reload this gun, EVER. I hop in Iron Bear, hop out immediately, and let Auto Bear give me sweet sweet damage while I enjoy my new Radiation Damage to go with my Occasional Incendiary Damage from the Tree, and Corrosive Damage from Class Mod.

  2. ) Corrosive Butcher
    I lucked out, and my Butcher has a Mag Cap of 13, which gets up over 20 with this build. Couple that with Crits, and Grenades, and… Well, I very rarely reload.

  3. ) Shock Ion Laser
    The other element doesn’t matter as much. I lucked out, and got a Corrosive / Shock, so that’s pretty awesome.

  4. ) Anointed Hyperforce ZX1
    Mine has the 5% damage on kill anoint, which is PRETTY FREAKING AWESOME, but not necessary. I really only use this in crowded areas.

  5. ) Transformer Shield
    I’m on the lookout for an awesome Anointed Shield, but as of now, I haven’t found one. So I stick with the trusty lady who brought me to the party.

  6. ) Rain Firestorm Grenade
    A lot of people talk about cloning MIRVS and Hexes, and If they work for you? Awesome. I got a Rain Firestorm shortly after hitting cap, and I’ve tried other grenades… but none of them give me the healing that the Rain does.

And that’s PRIMARILY what I use Grenades for. Healing. Yes, the damage is nice, but that massive cloud of AoE keeps me upright, and that’s what I need. I could probably be more proactive about not standing in fire, or getting out of the way of things, and I’ll probably get better at that as time goes on, but for now? Rain Fire from the heavens, hold that trigger, and just let the barrels sing.

Yes, I play on Mayhem 4.
I play primarily on Mayhem 4.
No, I don’t play anywhere that can spawn Anointed Militants, so I don’t know. I gave up on a large portion of the games content because I refuse to play with such a stupid enemy spawn possible. IF Gearbox fixes them, I’ll bother to play those zones again, but I guarantee that this build will destroy the DLC, and will allow you to boss farm quickly.

If you don’t have the guns that I mention, here are some alternatives that will work.

Binary Cutsman: Shock and Corrosive flavors do amazing things for you. But you WILL reload, and do less damage over time.

Fearmonger: Preferably Incendiary, or Corrosive flavors. There are a lot of hits laid out by this bad boy, plenty of chances for the build to keep you from reloading. It’s probably the only semi auto that I would recommend.

I will say, that having an Ogre is pretty vital to the gameplay, and you should be able to farm one up fast enough, even on Mayhem 1 in the Anvil.

OR, get ahold of me (if you’re on PSN), and I can send you one. I have a few.

Now, with all of this rambling out of the way, this build is NOT FAST You aren’t going to speed clear things.

BUT You should NEVER die.

If you want any other tips / tricks for this build, let me know, and I can either PM you, or drop them here in comments.

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What? wow I have never gotten a hyperforce to work on my moze. Admittedly, i fell in love with a double shreddifier with a corrosive ASE instead as my automatic gun and havent looked back. Maybe I should pull one of these out of the bank.