Mayhem 4 with Moxxi's Crit

With the most recent patch, my attention has switched from Zane’s general viability to trying to find the hidden gem guns that scale well into Mayhem 4 with the new anointments.

One of these hidden gems is the Crit and it’s really easy to farm too. Watch the video for demonstrations, it’s definitely worth grabbing if you have been struggling.


Doesn’t this gun jump out of your bank randomly?

When the pressure is intense in MM4 trying to re-equip this can really be a killer…

I’m not sure about any bank glitch, but it costed me less than 50k to get several anointed versions.

Even if the gun completely deleted itself after each load, it’d still be worth giving a shot imo.

I meant jumps out into map from your loadout and you have to pick it up again… I used it a few weeks ago with Haunt and I had to run around picking it back up…

But yeah the crits are ace on it…

Ya, that’s why I recommend combining it with terror ASE/ammo regen for general mobbing so you don’t reload and avoid that negative perk.

Even with the negative perk, it didn’t seem to fall out of my hands too often, and when it did as Zane I could throw my barrier down and just pick it back up. The new anointments gave this gun a huge Mayhem 4 boost in usefulness/power

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I might have to give that a try. Thanks for the tip.

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You don’t even need an anointed version :slightly_smiling_face: !

Let’s imagine it falls into a pit while you reload :
then just open your mail and get another one :smile: !


Well thanks for the idea that was suprisingly quick (2 tries) to get one with 300% dmg after phaseslam annointment, this weapon performs pretty good imo

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Glad you like it, still working on finding more hidden gems.

Tell your friends :wink:

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