Mayhem 5, 7 and 9

Does anyone ever play in the ‘odd’ numbered mayhem levels - I used to be M6, got some good stuff, tried 7, no difference, moved to 8 and found good challenge.
I’m ready to increase, but is there any point in M9 ?
Do some of the bugs I hear about mess up M9 as much as M10.
(And M8 modifiers were easier to manage than M7!!)

If you’re ready to go up in level from M8, you might as well just go to M10.

I worked my way up slowly from Mayhem 4 to Mayhem 10. Now that I can do 10 without much issue, I play at that level exclusively.

While you only get one Very Hard modifier in 8 versus two Hard modifiers in 7, there is also a health/shield/armor boost to offset that (7500% > 5000%).

Similarly for 9 and 10, 10000% < 12500%. Also, it’s easy to manage a Medium and a Very Hard modifier against a Medium, Hard, and Very Hard modifier. It can take some time to reroll modifiers in Mayhem 10.

I agree with what I think you’re getting at: 6, 8, and 10 seem to be the natural stepping stones after Mayhem 4. 6 for the exclusive loot, 8 for the single Very Hard modifier, and 10 is the endgame.

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just go 10 I did the same thing you did m10 seemed easier than m9 imo

hey joe if ya need some gear and guns gimme a shout

This maybe a stupid question but… are you saying you replayed the entire game at mayhem 4, then 5 etc or have you just been farming bosses at level 4 until you have some good weapons and then moving up a level? I ask because I have some great Mayhem 6 gear - Monarchs/Sandhawks/Kaosons etc but I get murdered at mayhem 9 & 10.

I believe he’s just talking about farming. I’d suggest jumping to M8. Your M6 gear should be OK for that. It’ll take a bit longer to kill things but you’ll be able to get some new M8 gear.


Thanks for the quick reply! I thought that was the case - my only problem is I’m on PS4 and farming takes forever - even with an upgraded HDD!

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Yea, I hear ya. I’m on Xbox and even with an Xbox One X, it still takes a long time to reload. I can’t wait for the next gen of consoles so that we get much faster load times.

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I didn’t reset my TVHM playthrough for each Mayhem level. I just did the Cartel mission once or twice before moving up a Mayhem level (after upgrading an OPQ each time).

I came back to this thread to comment about Mayhem 7. The two Hard modifiers in 7 can actually be significantly more challenging than the health/shield/armor boost and single Very Hard modifier in 8. It’s the reason why I don’t like the idea of being able to turn off the Mayhem modifiers because they impact difficulty more than the health/shield/armor boosts do.