Mayhem 6 crashes on pc

Hey, yesterday I was playing with no issues on Mayhem 5, today I decided to increase that number by 1 and since then my game keeps crashing every 30-45 minutes, it even got worse when I traveled to Athenas where my game crashed every 2-3 minutes, does anyone has the same issue?

Which modifiers are you using in Mayhem 6? One of those is the likely culprit for your crashes.

I saw that people fixed this issue by disabling the health drone but I disable it and still crashed. I think it happens with all modifiers on MH6+ in my case

For me I can replicate it on mayhem 3-6.

Primary culprit is either cryo explosions from point blank to mid-close and/or the cryo edge overlay that shows when you are under the effect.

Could be a sound thing too, but my money is on the cryo

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I have exactly the same problem - game crashes almost every time I try to play on mayhem 6. It happens only on mayhem 6. I tried mayhem levels 1-7 running and farming the villa and it crashes only on 6. Any updates on this issue?

look at your mayhem modifiers, eliminate Mob Mentality and Chain Gang. Don’t run either of those.

If you can, eliminate anything that spawns a flying object. Those are confirmed, but I can say with 100% certainty that Mob Mentality causes screenlocks, and with 70% certainty, Chain Gang does.