Mayhem and Multiplayer

While I quite enjoy the way mayhem currently works, I find it to be a massive issue for multiplayer. The base game had some really great changes to multiplayer functionality to make it far easier to find people to play with and all have a reasonable challenge. Mayhem, especially the current iteration of it, severely undermines this. Having to be on the exact same mayhem level to get matched with people means that the playerbase is split a minimum of 22 possible matchmaking queues (mayhem off, mayhem 1-10 each for NVHM and TVHM), not including anyone playing on competitive instead of coopetitive or anyone trying to play in a takedown or other activity with a separate queue. The weapon scaling, further adds to the problem, as it’s no longer worthwhile to play with people on different mayhem levels. If you join a lower mayhem level game, you aren’t getting worthwhile loot, and you will be more or less one shotting every enemy, which probably isn’t the most fun for your teammates. On the flipside, if you join a higher mayhem level than you’re used to, you’ll be heavily outclassed and will mostly be sitting around waiting for your teammates to do everything for you, which isn’t much fun either.

I believe that in some form or other, mayhem levels need to be able to be able to scale per player so that players at different mayhem levels can play together.
Additionally, TVHM does not have enough to distinguish itself from NVHM and could use some extra flare.

My proposed solution is this:
In NVHM, mayhem modes all get the mayhem 11 treatment: no modifiers, just the difficulty increase, but half the bonuses. In TVHM, mayhem functions a lot like it does currently, except different mayhem levels are able to match together in coopetitive mode. Players would use the host’s modifiers, regardless of what difficulty level they selected, but their drops and the damage/health scaling of enemies would be determined by the mayhem level each individual player selected.

So within the coopetitive mode, TVHM and NVHM would be the only factor splitting the community for queuing. This also has the affect of making it more appealing to play with friends who are not at the same mayhem level. Furthermore, it better distinguishes TVHM from NVHM, solidifying TVHM as more challenge for more reward. I’m assuming all of this is reasonably possible to implement, given that the system for individual scaling and instanced loot already exists in the game, and with that assumption I personally believe this to be the best possible solution to the issues mentioned, though I’d honestly be happy with any change that reduces the number of matchmaking splits among the playerbase.