Mayhem ideas : constructive suggestions only

We need to suggest things for Mayhem in a positive way. My thought is that the effects shouldn’t necessarily all be global. Rather that we should see higher chance for some wackiness in the enemies.

Like, on mayhem 3 there should be a decent chance that some enemies might float in on a balloon dropping lit TNT.

Or that some enemy will show up with tinks strapped to every side of him.

Or that a group of enemies will do an immune football formation huddle and then blitz you forward facing shields.

Or some of the things we see in diablo 3 (I love diablo 3, just not nearly as much as the borderlands series, because I love the extra skill requirement of 3d positioning and 3d aiming).

though the unique, random sounds good it will take a lot of work from the devs

What about refining the modifiers EG: if it throws up -25% all guns it cannot then also select -50% pistols?

At the moment you can find that it sometimes creates ridiculous combinations, so maybe altering the modifier selection would offer the challenge it was created to offer, without the sometimes crazy compounded effects

sounds easier and quicker to implement

It was already said that Mayhem revamp was going to have 2 modifiers, one for players - one for enemies… That the level determines the severity of the effects.


Ok then, wasn’t aware of that, but here’s hoping it works well.

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This is one of the more rediculuous ones I’ve seen. They have to realize how many times people just quit and reload to get around stupid stuff like this. Makes the game more of a pain to play when you have to check the modifiers every time you load or fast travel just to see if you’re gonna be completely nerfed or not.

Especially in Slaughter shaft, it’s bad enough having 5-6 annointeds spamming you with energy balls and 3-4 others spamming you with elemental rockets. So much goin on screen you can’t even see to play

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It’s kind of what “mayhem” sounds like though. Wacky stuff and sure, SOME skewed rules should be good too.

If they keep doing modifiers the way they have, then it needs to just sum it and show the summary of effects, so we can understand it quickly.

edit: which kind of sounds like what they might be doing anyhow.

Not gonna argue that some modifier combos can make you feel useless, but those mods aren’t bad just use elemental weapons. 70% is a pretty solid buff

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especially with Amara. Whenever I see that buff I am happy.

Same here, elemental melee amara with the unleash the dragon artifact and a MOARR linage approves

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The only two things I would like to change about Mayhem are:

  1. Restrict modifiers to not cancel each other, it seems like it will already be added, but it’s still ridiculous how we can get +Gun Damage and -Gun Damage at the same time.

  2. All Masks come with a plus and minus effect, one of the best things about Mayhem is that is constantly changes the rules of the game, often making subpar guns become awesome by giving +70% Elemental Damage or +50% Neutral Damage. That, however, only applies to some modifiers, others like Reflection just take away options without giving anything in return. Those should be like: Enemies have +50% HP/Shield | Enemies take 50% Crit Damage, now intead od just punishing the players, they are encouraged to focus on crits.

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I’d be happy if they simply toned down elemental penalties. Having combinations like -50% damage from corrosive and cryo or -50% from shock and radiation can essentially make entire types of health (armor and shields, respectively) resist everything. If one of the goals behind Mayhem Mode is encouraging players to use different loadouts, making enemies resist every element doesn’t accomplish that. I’d rather they focus Mayhem Mode on penalties to weapon types, which could get players to try weapons they otherwise wouldn’t. Need to strip a shield, but your Shock Butcher is being nerfed by a penalty to shotguns? Maybe you can use that 9-Volt that’s been gathering dust in your backpack instead…

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Increased Health and Armour: Now, this is just a very boring modifier to begin with. Since Mayhem already does that anyways without any modifiers it just feels like a waste. I feel like instead we could have modifiers that increase shields but weaken health and armour. Enemies taking longer to kill is just kinda pointless, as Mayhem 4 does prove.

Enemies suffer reduced damage from critical hits: This one just feels like the opposite of what it actually should be, it makes it less important to aim properly and also means that you are better off re-rolling your modifiers straightaway if you were gonna fight certain bosses (i.e. Graveward). What I would like to see instead is a modifier that emphasizes good aim, by reducing the damage suffered from non-criticals and increasing critical damage.

Certain elements being nerfed or buffed: This is just not relevant enough. It won’t change how I play or experience the game, it’ll just change how effective I am overall. Suggested change: A re-roll of elemental strengths or weaknesses. Make shock suddenly tear through armour but barely hit shields. Have corrosion eat through healthbars like it’s candy. Of course it can’t be completely random so you don’t end up with one element destryoing absolutely everything or a type of healthbar resisting everything, but some degree of balanced randomness would mean that not only would you have to re-learn resistances for this run but you would also get to try out new things and combinations.

I would also love some additional modifiers that maybe don’t strictly affect the combat diffculty but do something else. Maybe a modifier that increases the spawnrate of loot tinks/thieving jabbers/amber lamps. Big Head mode. All shots ricocheting off surface. Enemies having a chance to drop a live grenade upon death. Guns occasionally receiving the “drunk” effect of Borderlands 2’s Grog Nozzle. There’s so many things that would make “Mayhem Mode” much more deserving of its current title and I really hope we’re gonna get to see a few of them at some point.


If it were me, I wouodn’t buff HP and damage. Instead, I’d alter the enemies. Will make the packs larger and containing higher number of badasses, for example. Among the bandits you will find Bandit Trained Varkids/Skags and Maliwan Deserters; Among Maliwan camps you will find COV collaborators and esperimental animals, etc. At higher Mayhem modes I’d bring enemies from the previous Borderlands games and have them appear at random times and locations. It is Mayhem FFS!

I have posted my take on mayhem in the “mayhem modfier should be removed”. I don’t know if just copy pasting is ok so i’ll just link my post here

As for a TL;DR, it’s basically a “make more ennemies spawn” suggestion. A lot more. You can add randomness to what spawn were too.

Another idea would simply to have foes drop their weapons and have foes set to only have “x or above” rarity weapons at mayhem level Y. Gear quality would be instantly better and player would be heavily rewarded for investing their time into the game.
That conclusion even isn’t mine, it come from a dev talk… where having player rewarded for playing many hours was seen as bad by the dev 'cause it meant that you couldn’t have awesome gear starting out.

The major difference that most long time BL2 players are actually feeling between the two games is that the way Borderlands worked with the awesome level is that the higher level you were the higher the awesome level was so you got more rare drops the longer you played, the new system does not do that. Your chances at good loot are the same throughout the entire game.

and it’s set to crappy loot all along.
Those 20h+ invested into farming sky bullies for a shock anointed shooting star convinced me of that in BL3.

Crappy loot all the time? In bl3? Really? I dont agree. Also I do have higher odds of better gear at higher levels. It’s noticeable to me. Plus legendary drop rates feel pretty good in BL3, in general.

Drop the modifiers or at best keep them like in M4, but have each mayhem level have reasonable increases in enemy health and shield and armor not the crazy jump we have with m4.

I appreciate power creep as we get more levels but they can always increase mayhem levels to keep up.

Before BL3, we had white, green, blue, Blue with red text, purple, purple with red text, orange (from yellow to deep orange in BL1), pearl.
At high level, it meant red text purple, orange and pearl.

In BL3, at high level we got anointed or trash, even if it is a legendary.

Put a small chance for any regular enemy to spawn as one of their rare spawn counterparts. Like goliaths could become road dog/el dragon jr/unstoppable and skags could spawn as demoskaggon. This would add some more difficult enemies while giving a chance to get their loot which currently is looked behind two rng rolls (first to spawn second to drop)