Mayhem in level 1

i beat the game and i want to start over from level 1, is there anyway to enable Mayhem early before end the main campaign?
i want to the game to be more challenging starting from level 1

Nope, you need to finish game first.

But you can start TVHM with Mayhem enabled now, without having first beaten TVHM, right? You used to not be able to do that on the consoles but I believe they fixed that sometime last year.

So that wouldn’t be a level 1 fresh playthrough obviously, but it will let you do a story playthrough at M10 if that’s what you were trying to so.

i want to start from level 1, the game will be boring if you start the campaign when you have already maximized your level. there will be no motive to continue

Unfortunately, you can’t do that with a new game at level 1. You can only enable Mayhem Mode after you beat the base game. You can then go to TVHM and enable Mayhem. You’ll start at whatever level you finished, but you cannot start at level 1 with Mayhem enabled.

With that being said… maybe GBX should enable that feature after you’ve beaten the game 1 time with any character… Then you can start a new game with Mayhem Mode enabled… Or, at least, unlock it for any new game starts for the VH you beat the game with… Makes sense.