Mayhem Level and Favorite Modifiers

What Mayhem level to you play and what are you favorite modifiers?

I typically play between M4-6 because a lot of fun (non meta) build are still viable. And my favorite modifier is the Galaxy heads. I love seeing the bobble head enemies run around the map and it maps sniper/gunslinger builds so much fun.

I mostly play M10 at this point but it has put a bunch of builds on the shelf (melee Amara and Raging Bear Moze don’t do jack on M10).

When I play Fl4k I go for galaxy brain and Holy Crit.

With Moze I almost always want More than OK Boomer. Good for nade spamming and for more damage.

With Zane I like Slayer because one-shotting enemies below 15% health saves me ammo and with him that’s a serious concern.

Dazed and Infused is the least bad Very Hard modifier in my opinion so I frequently take that.

Moze and More than OK Boomer is questionable to me because grenade damage is not scaling at this point. It does help.

I like having the spinners, and when the enemies are infused with different elements, and the connecting lines.

For the positive one I generally stick with lootsplosion.

I play m10 but i actually hate the modifiers.

I usually use holy crit or rougue light

No way to …Dazed and infuzed and immune enemies. Its too much sometimes.

Corrosive immune wotan already resistant to frost

I use pool party and have a good frame rate but sometimes i can get a slowdown. 5 spinners on screen at once is nuts

I like the super bullet sponges. Id say keep it get rid of the light effects pollution.

because of the BS weapon scaling i WAS playing M10…

atm i’m playing the waiting game…

i loved playing M4 before the crap update… but i have to admit we needed a difficulty increase (we didn’t need weapon scaling…)

and for modifiers… the least intrusive… never was a fan of this crap (make the game chalenging… but for crying out loud don’t turn it into a circus…)

it’s the same problem as with the first event (haloween skulls wich you couldn’t disable) why do we need these stupid mechanics that add nothing to the game?

sure people like mayhem modifiers… but there’s also people who don’t… so it’s not GBX’ first screw up catering to only half the playerbase and forcing that “vision” on the other half… (i have no numbers to throw at you but for the sake of the discusion let’s just say it’s 50/50)

why force people to do something they don’t? they listend to the community with the skull debacle, just to repeat the bullcrap in a gamebreaking patch…

in short, i like the increased difficulty (wich was needed) i HATE weapon scaling (when you play M10 and have scaled weapons everything below is trivial and useless) and modifiers are fun when you actualy WANT to play with such enabled… where’s the old M4 type of increased difficulty? you know… without all the extra layers.

forgot to say that some (or most) of the modifiers are broken AF…

the holy crit one (i think) increased crittical damage… well, why are the enemies that you can’t hit the critspot (as a solo player) because it’s on their back? or enemies without critspots? enemies who can hide their critspot?
that’s not difficulty… that’s just stupid developing wich had little to no thought going into it and just as much playtesting…

who ever rushed them to release mayhem 2.0 should get fired…

I like speed demon, healy avenger, chain gang, and rouge lite for amara.
Ok boomer, pool party, the one where they are shock infused and the crit dmg reduced for moze (i cant recall the last 2 names lol). For the bottomless mag build those work well for me on moze and amara with speed demon i mainly use driver builds so she quick!

Reading through some of the replies I’d say one change they need to make is to allow a player to turn off the modifiers so those that strictly want the increased difficultly can have it without the modifiers that others, like myself, really enjoy.


Holy Crit +Cartel weapons made me shut my mouth about scaling difficulty. Playing at M8 right now and it’s probably the most fun I’ve had in this game and I’ve had it since launch.

Am I right in experiencing it reducing damage you take by 50% as well?

M10. Played M4 of old. Hate most of the modifiers and the scaling of weapons.

Speed Demon is neat. As well as some of the other easy ones for fun. I suppose others like Post Mortem are good occasionally for kicks, but I don’t like that you have to have them just to up the difficulty.

I strongly preferred the old Mayhem system.

I play Mayhem 10. My favorite modifiers are:

[E] Slayer (FL4K/Moze)
[E] Speed Demon (Amara/Zane)
[M] Mob Mentality
[H] Chain Gang
[VH] Not the Face (everyone but FL4K)
[VH] Holy Crit (FL4K)

I may play Rogue Lite more after they adjust Mayhem 7+.

I liked Boundary Issues and Drone Ranger and hope they bring those back (after fixing them not to crash systems, of course).

I prefer the new system though I enjoyed the old system too (except for Reflect and +2 Projectiles).

Playing the waiting game until they fix mayhem and gear… And probably after the cartel event too cause the limited time ■■■■ is annoying AF

When I play I go mayhem 4&8 for the least number of modifiers I can get. (So much annoyance and noise pollution). Normally go with galaxy brain and chain gang. (Can’t remember my vh choice as I didn’t play it much yet due to the broken drops, wasn’t worth the time and effort)

M10 galaxy brain, healy avenger, chain gang and holy crit is my go to modifier.

No modifier is a good modifier

Game was never intended to have them it showed back then in m3 and it shows now

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