Mayhem Level missing from Weapon Cards

Hey All,
So I updated the game to get the Guardian takedown and other fixes and i have the hotfix applied on the start screen.
I am getting weapon drops that do not have the mayhem level on the card. All the weapons in my bank vault also have no mayhem level on the card.
All the weapons in my backpack do have the mayhem level showing.
I’m confused is this a known bug or did the update not complete correctly? I have the mission to do the new Takedown available so it seems like it’s a bug, who knows?

You may want to do a console restart and relaunch the game, just to make sure. I’m definitely seeing the mayhem level indicators on my gear (on drops, in bank, and in backpack), so it is working.

Do note, however, that a bunch of loot sources still do not drop mayhem gear regardless of level - anything from a chest, locker, etc. And shields/grenades/relics still do not have any mayhem level. So none of that gear will have anything to display.

Did a console restart but nothing changed, still no mayhem level showing on most guns or newly dropped guns.

Probably a really stupid question, but you ARE playing on Mayhem right now? Those items are actually Mayhem leveled?

Yes Sir! Absolutely, I have been playing on Mayhem levels 5-8 mostly.
Just very dissapointed with the game right now and confused why I’m the only one that seems to have this issue.

What’s your GT? I’ll send you a mayhem levelled item in the game mail so you can see if it comes through ok.