Mayhem Level now on Weapon Cards

I noticed this morning that the Mayhem level for weapons is now displayed on the card in the Inventory menu.

This is great. Thanks GBX

I can also confirm that the Mayhem is applied to existing weapons, as well as new drops.

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I’m on PC and I am not seeing Mayhem level on anything.


I have seen this on a different thread. However I haven’t seen any Mayhem levels on cards on Xbox.

Not saying it’s not possible, just hasn’t happened for me yet.

Edit: haven’t been on today. Might’ve snuck one in on me though

It should be added from the next patch, next week. Some players have experienced glitches, where it will appear now, though. This is because gearbox already added the feature, but switched it off, due to issues, and need to switch it back on in the patch, with a fix to those issues.


Seeing it on my weapon cards too

Thanks. I forgot to mention I am playing on XBOX One.

I can’t speak for Playstation or PC, but the XBOX One weapons are showing the Mayhem level.

I have also noticed that weapons from chests do NOT show a Mayhem level, which confirms that chests are not scaling still.

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Xbox as well here, not a Mayhem level on card in sight lol


I’ve been playing on Mayhem 1, 4, and 7 for the last couple of hours. So far, I only see the mayhem level listed for mayhem 10 weapons


Pic anyone?

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nothin in my ps4 yet.


Nope nothing here either, if it only shows up under a glitch condition I’m happy not to see it until he patch drops.

Seconded, let’s see a pic OP so we can see what it looks like.

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Alright, I’ll see if I can get a screenshot, but I don;t see a way for me to post an image.

Can any of you guys post images, or can you tell me how?

I take a pic of the screen with my phone but the PS App isn’t compatible so I copy the pic to my laptop then upload it to here using the upload button when posting a reply.

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Here is the Maggie






Can you guys see those ok? Every weapon in my locker has a Mayhem 10 level marker