Mayhem Level now on Weapon Cards

All clear! :+1:

By the way, a certain tool has come along for PC players. I’ve been checking out gun parts and have yet to come across a gun in my inventory that has something other than M10 or no M-level. In other words, no M1-M9 guns. This doesn’t mean they don’t exist, just odd that I haven’t come across them.


Not so sure about that.

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Thanks for your help guys and gals.

To add to my findings, I did not see the Mayhem Level 10 noted until this morning. They must have released a hotfix late last night or early this morning.

Again, I have not seen the Mayhem level on any weapons lower than Mayhem 10.

I am on Xbox One and I have nothing like that on my cards
That is very strange.

looks good.

From what I understand, the mayhem level showing up on item cards is a bug of sorts… a few people here and there have been seeing it randomly ever since the patch. Don’t quote me on this, but I think I heard it was always the intention that the M-level would be shown, but it was buggy, so it was “hidden” so to speak until it could be addressed, but it’s kinda leaking through once in a while. At any rate, clearly the text strings, and the location/format of that text, were deliberately put in place by GBX for whatever reason.

Hmm maybe this is the bug. :slight_smile: Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve seen screenshots of anything other than mayhem 10 anywhere.

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weird though that it is not in the place where noelle says it is.


My friend was able to see it as well on some weapons, but not all. He has an original Xbox One. I wonder if there’s a resolution setting that might make it possible to see it, as I have text actually cut off on my Xbox OneX. For example, none of my torgue legendaries mention the sticky bonus. A lot of Hyperion weapons don’t show the shield stats. Maybe that’s normal?

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I feel like if i see a 500 damage some smg drop at mayhem 10. Even though i know itsa nomal lvl 57. Itll still have that tag. Also wt hecks the point of item score anymore.

Must have been a fluke yesterday. I no longer see the Mayhem Level 10 annotated on the weapons cards today.


It’s so you can convince a sibling that your Woodblocker is better than their OPQ and you two should trade.


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I’m not a native speaker … but how was that comment pc in any way, shape or form? Or did I miss sth because of the “language barrier”?