Mayhem Mode 3.0?

Since Mayhem 2.0 I’ve had this idea What if M1-10 didn’t have random modifiers and gave us progressively harder enemies with more Mayhem modifier options as we up in Mayhem level.

So if I want to play M5 with Only easy or Hard modifiers or whatever selection I would like!

M11 would give us the option to pick every modifier in the game?

If they did this they could add back the original Mayhem Modifiers like 2 Projectiles and deflecting bullets and no one would complain because it would be your choice at that point!


The modifier system was a good idea conceptually speaking, but their implementation wasn’t the best all around.

Most of the hard modifiers are just artificial difficulty ( infused enemies aehm Aehm), the easy ones are not really good either, not enough to make it worth it to have the hard ones on too.

Also, as some of the users said on previous discussions, having to slot machine the mayhem menu until you get what you want is not fun. Thank goodness M11 exists. I would like something like that :

M12 : enemies have more healt than m10/11 like, they have 1/3 more energy, badasses are more likely to spawn, enemies number is highly increased, you can choose modifiers, enemies have a chance to drop 50 eridium.


Someone on reddit just shared a video of a pc program to auto-reroll modifiers to find the ones you want. It takes 2 minutes of rapid rerolls to get 4 modifiers right, and they said in the comments it can take up to 40 minutes. Doing the same thing at human speed would be insanity.
Players have been saying since mayhem 2.0 dropped that having to reroll modifiers is stupid, but gearbox seems to be trolling us with stuff like this.
I only play m11 now, even though I enjoyed playing mayhem 1.0 and do like some of the mayhem 2.0 modifiers. If I had the choice, I’d pick the ones I like and use them (from 1.0 or 2.0 or both), but as it stands, I’ll stick to m11.


You’d think the popularity of M11 would tell them that people would literally rather play with NO modifiers than deal with a handful of randoms.


Kinda of agree with this one. The Easy modifiers are no trouble at all and can be somewhat fun to play and mess with, as well as some others here and there (like the one that increases damage if enemies are close, no FFYL…), but the infused enemies reminds of Diablo 2 when I finished my Fire Shaman playthrough and at the start of the game every was inmune to Fire. Inmunity as a whole is one of the worst systems out there.

I highly disagree on adding more mayhem levels. I would rather Gearbox nerfs the top tier anointments/top gear (looking at you, Re-volter/Infernal Wish/Fish Slap/Guardian Angel) like they this in this update if the game is too easy rather than rebalancing the entire game AGAIN to make weapons stand up against another higher difficulty.


I actually run with infused enemies all the time. Don’t know how it is on high mayhem, but at low levels it’s more beneficial when mobbing due to the deathsplosions. And since it’s a fixed immunity, you just gear around it.

However, I would definitely not object if we had the option of picking our own modifiers (or none at all) at every mayhem level. I really don’t see any downside to having that as an option - just make the reward rates scale with the number and difficulty of the chosen modifiers on top of whatever level scaling there is. GBX did this before with the Hacker’s arena in TPS; no reason not to make it bigger and better.


While I agree with, you’d think LOTS of things would give GBX a clue, but apparently don’t.


That sounds good but before doing it, they would have to make the rewards worth playing for. By and large now, they’re not except for a very few. In my opinion.

They have all the clues they need. They just don’t care to act.


IMO they should have handled it like this…

In normal vault hunter mode, mayhem is purely scaling. M1 through M10 is the same as before EXCEPT the money/eridium/XP bonuses are all cut in half like M11 is for M10.

In true vault hunter mode, it is the current mayhem mode we have now and no m11. All modifiers are reworked to have a penalty and a bonus (eg. Totally Radical has randomly irradiated badass enemies that are super tough and do lots of damage but it removes the damage penalty on rad when shooting flesh or armor) and each modifier has a value instead of a difficulty. For each mayhem level you will need to meet a certain value of modifiers. So for example mayhem 5 requires 10 points, so you can do a modifier that does 10 points or 4 that do 2-2-3-3 points, or any combination. You can also go over this value, and for each point over the value you increase bonuses and dedicated drop chances, such that with the 4 highest modifiers at all times you can get a dedicated drop on most enemies in less than 10 farms.

TLDR; NVHM gives the current m11 experience, TVHM gives the originally design mayhem experience (with less stupid modifiers).

EDIT: Also want to say that modifiers that do something other than limit the player to make the game harder are actually fun. Imagine if the Cartel event was a modifier, where the Cartel beacons always spawned one of the bosses. You are making the game harder by tossing a tough enemy at the player but you aren’t taking something away from the player to do it. IMO that’s the problem with modifiers. They take away rather than give.

Do they? Even the community do not know what it wants.
Before mayhem they wanted “ACTUALLY MAYHEM”
then we got big heads and elemental pools (which were some of the most requested modifiers) and they simply didnt want it anymore.

The only thing I care is the scalling of guns that you need to aim crit spots to do anything and have a fire rate lower than 2. There should be a compensation for skilled gameplay and the end game (like every bl game ever) do not reward the experience optimally.


the player base that wanted those things is drastically different for player base that plays game long term i have been here since day one and i never wanted modifiers and when they were unavoidable i wanted to be as less intrusive into the damage and defense as possible. i can not take seriously some people who wanted big heads and floor is lava they got what they asked for and left playing the game. how hard was it to see that this would not be fun for more than 4 minutes on casual coach joystick session is beyond me. only modifier i would ever accept would be ones that increase mob density via adding badasses or sapwning enemies that do not belong on the map like spawning spider ant on skywell or spwning maliwan heavy in cathedral etc


Sorry but the whole player base is messy, not only half of it.
Id love the game to have the cleanest gameplay possible (hence why I play with jakobs snipers and my complait about risk x reward in my previous comment)
My point is that the people that wanted the crazy modifiers are also part of the people that want none of it right after they got it, The keep switching sides, and theyre really vocal about what they want. Im not talking specifically about you or me, but about the bandwagon that is way too reactive to the word NERF. They keep changing according to metas and do not value gameplay or design. Listening to this community is confusing even to gearbox and it has been a clear issue since neither the community or the devs got a fixed goal in mind.


as i see it a mayhem 3.0 would be a good idea
cuz SOME mods are fun, most others arent though

it should always be that a mod the harder it is change the game in some way positive and negative

so as an example
we have alot of poorly programmed new enemies like deaths spawn in. they are tanky, annoying and overall buggy / sometimes tanky for no reason

or the immunities… now this is just annoying
or minus crit and DoT

first of all mayhem should legit be reduced to 4-5 or so as it does literally nothing right now.

then you get 1 mod that does 2 things, 1 for you and 1 negative / game changing

then you choose the mod yourself, cuz rolling is just dumb

mayhem lvls just increase health and so on by 50 -400% more max health,shield,armor like m1.0

mod ideas

floor is lava ( for everything) extremely reduced gravity for long and high jumps / longer and faster slides

party mode lootsplosions with tons of health, ammo, shield rechargers movespeed and higher chance of better loot AND some of those streamer buffs they can get from their viewers on critical kills BUT enemies will also explode while doing so dealing aoe dmg to anything around
also enemies get sometimes also streamer buffs

Hell deaths will spawn on kills, you deal massively increased splash dmg and increased splash radius

radiance drones will spawn that heal shield or apply armor BUT elemental DoT dmg is increased by 100-150%

haven you deal massively increased critical dmg, but anything else massively decreased dmg

you get the idea

Guardian Angel ?

I have seen many people on these forums mentioning that ‘Guardian Angel’ is overpowered. A poster above included it in their list which also included Fish Slap and weapons.

The only Guardian Angel in this game that I know of is Amara’s ability when downed. And have been using this, but I don’t find it particularly ‘overpowered’.

Am I missing something here. Are people referring to something other than the Amara Perk ??

Guardian Angel is also a Hyperion shotgun that can be a reward from opening the vault chest or purchased by spending vault keys on the first Vault Card.


you know what said community also asked? optional modifiers :wink:

weaponscaling IMHO is the worst part in M2.0

and modifiers, players should be able to mix match across the whole mayhem levels


Ah, a fellow Jakob’s sniper lover… It’s not often you find someone else that values similar play styles. There’s nothing quite like wiping out a whole mob of enemies with one sniper round.

It’s hilarious that we (generally speaking) all assume that this forum is an accurate representation of the player base. GBX has the data and they base a lot of their decisions on that data. It’s a good thing, too, because if they started listening to each individual posting about how a player isn’t happy that the game wasn’t being designed around their perspective, this game would be trash. That’s not to say we don’t have good ideas, but the grunts and groans from some borders on severe narcissism.


for example reddit, twitter, instagram and facebook communities couldn’t be more different

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Just because the community asked and gearbox usually delivers doesnt validate it, its just a request
which like most of us already pointed out, diverges a lot in the community itself

That said, a request shouldn’t be considered the optimal direction given how ignorant the community is about game design and its own priorities.

With that said, scaling and anointments are bad for the game longevity
Its a shame that both do not help the diversity they strive for. (but to be fair the scaling still better than bl2)