Mayhem Mode 3.0?

You just reminded me the fact that enemies can dodge bullets they shouldn’t have seen coming.
An invisible fl4k behind an enemy and that btch still dodges it?
Also the erratic movement.



Yeah my point is, they added floor is lava and bobble heads but a QoL option didn’t make the cut :rofl:

Spent hours playing the modifier slot-machine


While I agree that it is annoying, it also adds difficulty. Instead of increasing enemy health, or adding modifiers to artificially boost difficulty, the easiest way is to give enemies more movement that can’t be easily predicted. Tracking a moving target, especially one with erratic behavior, is so much more of a challenge than sitting there emptying clip after clip into a raid boss that just sits there.


Erratic movement is fine, but an enemy walking a straight line and ducking to the side just as you pull the trigger (while hidden), or similar issues that break realism are annoying. Once an enemy has seen or heard me, they should dodge occasional attacks, but before that they should be easier to hit. That’s the whole point of sniping from long range.
Add to that the fact that many enemies only spawn when you get close enough to risk drawing agro and the lower sniping damage and it feels like gearbox decided to punish snipers in BL3 for some reason.


Is it me or are crits harder to pull off in this game compared to the others? I know in BL1 and 2 psychos pretty much just ran straight on at you and you could just click their heads, but in 3 I feel like there’s less emphasis on them…
Maybe it depends on who you play, but moze and zane pretty much just get damage out of hitting mobs anywhere. Plus all the multi pellet guns and stuff… IDK I find myself not really going for headshots at all in this game.
Boss weak spots excluded, of course.

That’s just poor AI on GBX side… To be fair, BL was never a game you would put into pro gaming circuits, so the emphasis has never been on enemy AI.

As for punishing snipers? I don’t agree with that… The only place I don’t use a sniper is fighting Hermo and Vermi.

It’s just a matter of practice, to be honest. Sniping in BL3 is better, for me, than the previous games. Especially when I can have fun like this:

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That’s interesting because Infernal Wish and Guardian 4n631 sound like good mayhem modifiers with some balancing. For IW increase the dot damage and/or an extra projectile every other shot. Guardian 4n631 would reduce your damage if too close and/or have a ‘deadzone’ distance where no damage is added. Or Company Man, chose your manufacturer bonus but every other is reduced by the same.

If there were more mayhem levels, maybe eventually anointments are disabled.


Im all for well implemented difficulty.
But the random movement goes beyond, to the point its not natural or engaging, sometimes annoying really.
Specially with them dodging things they didn’t even see.


I dont think they will revert a whole mechanic
but these anointments do look interesting.

Personally I just want two end game modes which you can choose to stack or use individually.

  1. Mayhem mode: this would let you pick up to 5 goofy modifiers with varying difficulty. More difficult modifiers add more luck which increases world drops from non named enemies and the chance at seeing spicific/dedicated loot off named enemies.

  2. Badass mode: all enemies have double there normal health, shields and armor. Special enemies types spawn more often, badass enemy types spawn more often, loot enemies will spawn more often. This mode increases your chance to see dedicated and spicific drops off named enemies

With this you can cater to both sides. The people who hate modifiers and the people who kinda like them but want to choose them. Not having a progressive leveling system would make end game balancing much easier to accomplish and give GBX more time to focus on making content and improving other QoL.

I also think they need to stop messing around with Mayhem modes drop rates. After a few hours playing with and without it I have found Mayhem mode actually drops less loot then non Mayhem mode which is wild.

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The modifiers are fine, it is when you give the enemy 10Kx their normal everything and make the simplest enemy into a bullet sponge, the “modifiers” are more of a hassle than fun.


Guardian Angel shotgun. It’s pretty ridiculous. Acts like URAd for whatever is going on while holding it in your hands. It’s dependent on distance. Further away the more damage

I believe at max distance you get like 400% damage boost or more. It’s very effective when shooting a big rocket, swapping and then everything dies.

Double-barrel Zane’s clone a Rynah/Red Suit/Hunter-Seeker under the barrier, then equip the GA. :boom: :boom: :boom:

Clone wouldn’t get your GA, only it’s own if it was throwing grenades or any shield effects.

LootLemon says “Up to +400% Damage (Skills, Grenades, the Guardian’s damage,…)”

Since “Action Skill Damage” from COMs and such apply to the Clone/Double Barrel, I assumed the “+400% Damage” to “Skills” applied, though I admittedly haven’t explicitly sat down and checked the damage numbers on this in practice. That said, my clone DOES have Fractal Frags (for throwing out those Rad Hunter-Seekers), and the Red Suit protects it from the Rad Splash/Dot.

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