Mayhem Mode Adjustment

the -50% damage to pistol, smg, shotty +50% AR/Snipers and -50% to AR/Snipers +50% to pistol/smg/shotty should not be applied at the same time during mayhem mode. They cancel each other out and defeat their own purpose of compelling you to change your playstyle.

Agreed. Modifiers should be vetted a bit to make sure they don’t counter each other out. They need to add some checking besides just randomly pulling them.

There are many topics already covering this on the forum, hell even I made one: Can we talk about Mayhem 3 and its modifiers?
We should wait until they release the next patch that will be addressing these modifiers, and then continue the conversation.
P.S. When both -50% modifiers are applied the result is that every weapon type deals a bit less damage, as the negatives apply first.

Please continue in an existing thread on this topic.

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