Mayhem mode broken?

So yesterday when I was playing around on mayhem mode the bonuses were just 10% for xp, 30% for cash and eridium, and 100% for loot, but now it’s waaaayyyy higher what happened?

If you happen to play offline it is 900% xp buff and not sure about rest

Silly question… but just to be sure… did you notice there is 3 Mayhem mode depending which pedestal you chose?
The bonuses you just listed are for Mayhem 1.

But why so much? That just seems really high lol or is it cause it’s challenging?

No I’m on Mayhem level 1 now the boosts are 200% loot quality and 200% money and eridium it’s wayyy bigger than before

When you are offline those are the bonuses you get

I am guessing they will fix it during the 30 day patch

Oh okay so I need to get my guardian rank up as much as I can before it takes longer

Bingo. The two spots people farm is Graveward if you have a good melter, OR the 4 hillbilly dudes on Eden 6. They’re in a cave under that smuggler’s den area. Just get the respawn station at the smuggler’s den, hop down below, kill, reload.

Also it’s not just your XP/Cash that has been buffed. Basically Hotfixes are not saved to your machine (rn). Instead they’re loaded on a server and when you log into the game it’ll download the hotfixes until you close the game. This means that ALL the hotfixes are removed in offline mode. Pottery grenade is broke af again, fl4k is full power, jacobs full power, moze has infinite grenades, etc.

Ah I see well it’s back to normal but I was able to level up my guardian level a few times also do you know when they’ll fix Amara’s skills, Deliverance and Remnant?

Might be a stupid question but why would offline mode change the bonuses?

Like I mentioned in the thread before, it’s all to do with how Gearbox is handling hotfixes.

Normally hotfixes are put in a game by… well, replacing the files they’re fixing. Gearbox has decided to do something different. Instead of replacing files, they have the hotfixes loaded on a server and every time you boot up the game and it “logs you in”, BL3 is downloading the hotfixes from that server. From there it will install them until you close it, whereby the game keeps its original content without any changes. If you cut off the internet before these hotfixes can be downloaded but after the game has already started booting, then the game will simply ignore the lack of a hotfix server. This also means any bugs or balancing is out the window, so it’s back to vanilla BL3, glitches and all. There are only 2 real questions to all this.

1- Why do this? Answer: Nobody knows but gearbox. Could it be future-proofing cheating? An oversight? A way to manage the hotfixes? Necessary because of some quirk in the game? Nobody knows but gearbox.

2-Why is there such a giant multiplier on XP/Cash? Answer: Different verse but same as the first. Best I can come up with is that it was either a mistake left in by dev testers when they were power-leveling to… well, test functions of the game, OR it was planned by gearbox and they just don’t care until they change the way updates are handled.