Mayhem mode effects information contadicts each other. Post 27/9/19 patch

Near mayhem mode activatior station there’s a “Mayhem information” button.

It says, among other things (for mayhem 2):

Enemy Health increased by 75%
Enemy Shields and Armor increased by 100%.

If I go to map menu, there’s a mayhem mode UI, if mayhem is active. It says:

+50% Health
+75% Shields
+75% Armor.

Which one should I trust?

It is not only concerns M2, information is also differs for M1/3. Only in Health/shields/armor department, though.

Just to be clear: I’m not talking about possible +% health/shield/armor random modifier that can show up. All mayhem modifiers are decided on when you enter the map, and displayed beneath mayhem UI plaque on map screen. But I’m talking about info written inside that plaque, aside with +30% exp, +60% cash/eridium and +300% loot.

Far as I understand it displays base effects of a mayhem mode active, before any modifiers are thrown in (those are displayed beneath main plaque). And it does contradict that “Mayhem information” button.


Sorry for late answer, somehow didn’t get/missed reply notification.