Mayhem mode exclusive legendaries?

Nope, don’t care too much about the loot - I would enjoy some actual mayhem though. Now that’s what I signed up for, zany action so fast paced I lose track of the time. Not these proving grounds or circles of slaughter where I’m waiting for the next wave to hit.

PvP ain’t that special, if you are interested in a challenge find yourself an mmo you can enjoy. Go do Dungeons and raids solo - mastering group content by yourself is where real work comes into gaming.

As things stand I got a family now and less time to devote to gaming. This is the only title I purchased this year, because I’m a casual now. I might dabble in M4 but if I have to play with folks that are Meta or die (when plenty of those folks have been wrong in mmos as well) its not work anymore its self torture.

This is my sentiment. If you can make gaming a career more power to you - but it’s not for the majority that’s for sure. Happy hunting.


Well said… A little :heart: and a +1 to you Sir.

Sometimes I wish I could just quit my life so I just be a HARDCORE gamer.
But reality sets in and I realize that my life is WAY better than living in my mom’s basement…


Your guess is off the mark. When I was younger I would bash my face against the wall of challenge and call it “fun” and I occasionally indulged in competition. As an adult I found that life is enough of a challenge and it’s absurd to seek it out as a means to relax and have fun. I also realized that competition is just sanctioned bullying which I was tired of being on either side of. That said, if other people honestly enjoy a challenge, then the challenge is its own reward. In my experience, however, very few are honest in that regard. What they’re usually really after is something to hold above others.


I wouldnt even want to. I follow some Twitch streamers and at first glance they seem to be “living the life”…doing what we all love and they get paid for it /mindblowing.

The difference is of course perspective. We see them doing something we love and we envy them for having the option to live off it. They on the other hand *dont have a choice in the matter at which point it might stop being fun and start “being work”.

Remember various MMOs which are fun to play but people burn out on hardcore guilds who require attention or effort on a level that makes “playing the game a second job”? Thats what these people face.

And just like in real life you can end up in a job that you love but this is again the exception and not the norm. For most people work is a “necessary annoyance” they cannot skip and have to endure. They wont love their job for sure.

When I watch various game streams I m always aware of the luxury of mine to log off at any time when I grow tired, need a break or simply had enough. These guys “have to” play that game for hours on end, endure toxic players, trolling or simple misshaps (because most successful twitch streams are about competition games) in addition to entertain the chat you know because watching a mute streamer doing stuff on screen isnt fun at all.

So yeah, sounds great on paper but if you think about reality you understand its a harsh mistress and not for everybody.


You assume I don’t have a job or work hard because why?

I’ll give you a little background of me:

I’m 41 and work as a personal trainer at a local gym. I have my own place and don’t rely on anyone for anything. I also spent some time serving my country as US Marine a long time ago.

So, yeah, I don’t accept that a casual player should reap the rewards of those who wish to play at harder levels.

You need to realize that there are many different people on this forum and to assume you know someone from a post is ridiculous. Work hard at life, get rewarded. Work hard at play, get rewarded. There are other casual games that give you what you want without all the ‘hard work’.


Competition is sanctioned bullying? That’s an absurd view point. Life is competitive.

Borderlands has level settings for all types of gamers. If you want to play casual, lower the level settings. But you’re not going to get rewarded as well as someone playing at harder levels. That just makes sense.

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How about self-flagellation WITH a unicorn while riding a Narwal?

I thought this thread was about Mayhem mode exclusive legendaries, not who is or is not a hardcore gamer or what “competitive” means. Stick to the topic, please, and either move the other discussion to POLITE PMs or drop it.


shakes fist in anger

And I had such a sweeeeeeet post prepared


Well, in staying on topic, the whole point of mayhem mode is to offer more challenging game play. That should be rewarded with mayhem only legendary drops. That is either in anointments or exclusive gear that you can only get in mayhem level 4. There are exclusive weapons you can only get if you ordered a specific copy of BL3.

Yeah, but they’re not exactly game-breakers. I mean, the XP booster shield is great for getting started but it’s not a huge difference. And the cash grenade is nice but there are non-legendary alternatives AIUI. The guns? They’re ok, but they’re no DPUH - more like blue unique tier. I’ve used them and rapidly switched to something better that dropped along the way.

Having seen all the fuss and anxiety caused by the Norfleet in BL2, I’d rather not have legendaries locked behind the hardest difficulty mode. I’m happy with drop rate scaling though, like the chance for pearls as you go up the OP ladder.


The norfleet thing is spot on… Totally forgot about that. The difference here, though, is that M4 can be accessed by anyone. Getting Vermi to spawn was all based on luck. I got him to spawn a couple times legit… Lol

And yeah, the exclusive gear you got wasn’t great, at all. But the point is still valid that some gear you get exclusively. Like some drops from rare spawn enemies.

So maybe the drops in M4 will have modifiers meant just for M4 game play and beyond.

I think I posted that before but that wouldnt work out mainly because the difficulty jumps between the Mayham tiers are not big enough. You can pretty much activate M3 as soon as you unlock the feature. You wont be able to rush through it or lol face tank stuff but the difficulty alone doesnt justify M1 or M2.

If M3 provides the best possible loot and I can select it without any prior checks I will select M3 no question about it. So why have M1 or 2 in the first place or make the effort to code in Mayham dependacies for Legendaries?

Right now possible drops are the same for every match, with or without M modifiers. The chance of a drop varies but I can get anything I want on M2. With the current system people can actually select the M tier they are comfortable with which comes down to killing speed and effort.

If people play M2 or 1 at this very moment, they do it because its the best balance between effort:reward for them. If you put better loot behind specific M tiers then they dont have a choice anymore. And seeing as M3 is simply an increase in time rather then difficulty I dont see the point.

Making gear M tier specific the way I understand your suggestion (Weapons you aquire in M3 wont work “properly” in M4) means people have to start farming again from zero and I m not sure thats such a great idea. Soft resets work for Diablo seasons but doing this X times for Borderlands just to climb the difficulty ladder hmmmm…not getting my vote


So wait. All the complaints about nerfing go “what do you care if I run an op build. It’s not PvP. If you don’t like it then don’t play it.”

Not that you specifically said that.

But your post is now the opposite of that logic. What I mean is what do you care if I play M2 and get the same loot as you? Your not playing with me. As you say, you don’t know me, my life, or what I want out of gaming.

I could care less if anyone can melt every single enemy in one shot. What I care about is my game. And I don’t want to have to play a difficulty level I don’t enjoy just because I’ll feel like I’d be missing out on a part of the game.

Imagine we both paid $100 to play around of golf. We get to the 18th hole and someone is standing there to check your scorecard. “Sorry sir you can’t play this hole. Your score isn’t low enough”. Now add a special reward for paring that hole. I don’t know about you, but I’d be pretty unhappy.


People complain regardless. And in today’s society the youth do so more than ever.

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M3 adds more enemies and modifiers, though. And you still would have a choice to play M4 if you wanted to. BL3 is about farming. Once they increase the levels, you’ll have to refarm for all your gear. It’s always been like that. So that’s not a big deal.

I have said this before on another post. Mayhem mods should only be negative values for players and bonuses for enemies.

For instance:

M1 = 10% less dmg with all weapons/melee/etc. and + shield, life and gun dmg, etc. to enemies

M2 = 20%

M3 = 30%

To me, this brings challenge and you can still run op builds. Having bonuses on M3 where you can keep rerolling mods to gain dmg is absolutely ridiculous imo.

But it’s not golf. It’s BL… Lol… And, just FYI, I’ve never complained about the nerfs. I encourage balancing. Again, Mayhem levels are not required to play the game, but offering legendary weapons tiered toward higher difficulty settings is a good thing. Mayhem 4 wouldn’t stop you from getting them, but if you want them, then you have to play in M4 to get them. I don’t see what’s wrong with that.

Additionally… Have you ever played BL2 and run Digistruct Peak? OP levels required you to refarm for better gear.

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Maybe that’s something they’re going to do with Mayhem 2.0.

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