Mayhem Mode farming for people beginning to farm

I’ve recently been playing about with Mayhem modes 1-12, getting legendary loot and whatnot. But I’ve recently found out that weapons also scale in Mayhem Mode. (E.G - A M10 Lob will be stronger than a M1 Lob)

I get the feeling that they want us to slowly move up the Mayhem Mode levels, but is there any way to skip levels and quickly get powerful gear. Like, places to farm, weapons to look out for, and which level of MM to start on.

(UPDATE!) - I have recently bought the Handsome Jack DLC, and I’ve been doing the Scraptrap farm. So far, I’ve gotten 2 O.P.Q Systems, 2 grease traps, 1 Iceburger and 1 Nopewpew. All M4 level.

But now it seems I’ve hit a roadblock. I figured that since i have M4 gear, I could make the jump to a higher level. But on M6, I couldn’t even finish the Scraptrap farm. (But i did get a M6 Nopewpew) And the only two bosses I’ve found that i can farm somewhat reliably on M6 are Gigamind and Killavolt. (And i only get 2 legendaries per kill on average with many of them being either artifacts or class mods) I could barely even hurt Graveward or Traunt.

(UPDATE) - I’ve gotten past the above roadblock for now. I have gotten a M7 O.P.Q system, I’ve gotten a Monarch and I can now farm Gigamind, Traunt, Killavolt and Graveward pretty reliably on M10.

Despite that, I’m probably gonna leave the event fore the sole fact that Mayhem 2.0 seems to be broken. And not in the good way. Out of all the legendaries, only a few are viable in M10 due to the increased health, armour and shields. And the increased loot rarity doesn’t seem to be as high as M10 makes it out to be. (For a 12500% increase, I’m not seeing many extra legendaries)

Plus, for such a popular event with guns like the Yellowcake and O.P.Q. This probably won’t be the last time we see the cartel weapons.

If you’ve got decent gear and the old M4 wasn’t an issue, I’d start with M6 so you can get the cartel drops. Those guns are far and away better than most anything else except the most OP of weapons like the Krakatoa or the Hellshock or the Lob. Farming scraptrap is the best to farm in terms of efficiency in getting the cartel weapons.

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If you play on PC I can give you some M10 gear to get you going in M10.

I can give you one of each of the cartel drops to ensure you have the most powerful weapons to start your journey.

I’m playing on Xbox, unforunatly.
Probably should mentioned that in my first post.

@shuxley004416 - I found farming Mayhem 6 level weapons easy with standard lvl 57 legendary weapons - it just takes a bit of time. I would recommend farming Killavolt @ Lectra City first - he drops the Monarch in all elements and is the easiest boss to kill with lower tier weapons - make sure to equip a Transformer shield and he can’t hurt you. Once you have a couple of Mayhem 6 Monarchs it is far easier to farm Captain & General Truant/ GenIVIV / Katagawa Jr for the other essential Legendaries.

I moved from M1 to M10 in one day by just using the yellowcake, super broken. Just find a cake on whatever M you’re comfortable on, then bump it up two to three levels and use the cake to find a new cake at the villa, then bump it up and repeat till you’re at 10. Then use that cake to farm your M10 guns.

This will hopefully be fixed in the patch cause it feels super cheaty…cheesy is probably more accurate though. But its been nice to have to farm quickly for guns with the right annoints to be useful on M10.

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Farm graveward M10 until you get a decent gun. Use crit swap if needed, but it is not necessary. Then get weapon you want from dedicated drop on M10. Complete your build with the new items and you are set for M10 takedown/cartel event in a matter of hours.

this is what gbox intended the players to do, but we want to go max level as fast as possible.

i went straight ahead in mayhem 10 using m0 guns, it is brutal, lucky for me i got a kaosan (bad anointment) on my first traunt kill, got 30 coordinates and went to do cartel. i got an opq on my first joey run and those 2 items carried me through 10 rounds of athenas - cartel until i completed the challenges and upgraded my inventory to m10.

that is with my moze, same thing i did for zane (m0 redistributors still do the job for me at m10), amara and fl4k.