Mayhem mode hard more? more like easy mode!

so I just started up in a zone and got the following on mayhem 3:
assault rifles and sniper rifles deal -50% less damage but deal 50% more damage with pistols, SMGs and shotguns. Player takes deal 50% less damage with action skills and grenades but 35% more damage with guns. Players deal 70% less damage with normal bullets but player deals 70% more damage with all elemental damage. and last but not least: player regens 70% less health and shields but gains 16% move speed, fire rate and reload speed.
this combo turned on god mode for me as I mostly use elemental guns! if these stack its a crazy 155% extra damage with elemental pistols, SMGs and shotguns! and to make things sweeter I am a zane violent momentum build so the extra move speed is just extra damage in the bank!

anyways the modifiers are GREAT, most of the time you can just keep rerolling till you get something that buffs your damage by 50-70%+ and then just nuke anything you meet!

Wonder how your view will change when gearbox removes the reroll option :slight_smile: Because your report only verifies that Mayham 3 is GREAT when you are lucky…otherwise it either sucks or the best you can hope for is that you are mostly unaffected.

And face it, rerolling is a cheesy way to cheat the system until it gives you what you want for the least possible effort.


well there is no “reroll” function, you just exit your game and hop back in! or you can go back to the ship, turn it off then back on again and it generates a new set, its the way it works because at the moment sometimes it can make the game unplayable because they player can get extra damage from most attacks and -50% to most guns while enemies get extra damage. the best way to fix this is to divide all the modifiers into category’s and 2 will always effect the player and 2 the enemies as well as stopping some effects from stacking like the ones that effect gun types, if you get both of them its just a flat 0% to everything

the fact you need to roll it is not great. im not going to roll 5 times to get a good modifier to kill a boss in 10 seconds
Also, youre wrong on a lot of those numbers.
its 50% less with GUNS and 45% more with action skill damage and cooldown rate, or -30% action skill damage +25% gun damage.

Also, that is good for zane. if Gitm FL4K gets -50% gun damage, you are screwed.

You should not HAVE to reroll the modifiers. it should be you can if you want, but none of the modifiers nerf you. If you have seen other posts, Mayhem should be “enemies move faster, but they take more damage”, or “they have bigger heads, so easier crits, and they take less damage from body shots.”


The game is forcing people to ‘reroll’ as these mayhem modifiers are an absolute joke if you created a certain build (elemental for instance)

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No its 35%, I had the game open and copied it right from said game and as I type this I went into my game, to the mayhem thinger and clicked the button, the modifier is called sun’s out guns out and it says: Players deal 50% less damage with action skills and grenades but players deal 35% more with guns.

also it takes 3 seconds to reload your game…unless you are playing this on console in witch case I have this to say: sucks to be you.

I don’t get it. Exit the game and load it over and over til get an easy mode which was supposed to be a hard difficulty. Just to get a better chance for better items. That sounds like a maniac way to play a game.


Guess your right. Im sorry. I just checked.

you guessed it. some places it is 40 second load times. also, OG xbox here.

the idea that they’d remove the random reroll of session change seems absurd

negative gun damage means negative gun damage for enemies too. it means a lot of things really and that adds up to survival as well.

at no point is anyone “forced” - again, if a build is useless it’ll be useless

as opposed to farming for hours/days on TVHM/mayhem 1 or lower for hours to get the right weapons and mods, artifacts, guns and shields along with a crazy build that only really works on mayhem modes just so you can play on mayhem 3 and then get…the same things you farmed for

also on the note of farming loot, there is not alot of variation on guns, I have got a few one pump chumps that have THE SAME STATS as well as a few other orange and purple guns that will have the same stats. even though there are more gun parts than ever there is LESS variation in this game because guns can only spawn with parts from there manufacturer. you will never see a torgue shotgun spawn with a jakobs tripple barrel, you wont see a CoV handgun with a hyperion stock or barrel. there are a few exceptions that are legendary like the damned but there are ALOT less guns in this game than the last 3 games witch is a good thing and a bad thing. you wont be getting any crazy part combos but you are more likely to find one with better stats for it, like a unforgiving can only spawn with a few differnt part variations and then most likely all there attack power is going to be very very close to each other

When ime killing a boss I don’t realy re roll I just go for it and kill it or I die and try again. Sometimes I melt it and others it’s takes a bit. The one roll I hate is enemies reflect 30%of damage done. But this is so stupid so if ime mobbing or killing a boss bassicaly ime the full cause of my own death, playing as flak I can easily whipe my own ass in seconds with the right weapon. It’s anoying. So pile that on top of you the other random ass mayhem modifiers it’s just a joke. I like it some times but cba harf the time

This is how Moxxis’ arena worked in borderlands 1. Stuff like smg 50% more damage, but 50% less of accurate, or you lose heal but regenerate it on kill, or bodyshots have less damage but crits are awesome…It were hard…very very hard, at least playing solo, but very challenging, rewarding and funny. When I read for the very first time about mayhem mode I thought: Thats gonna be awesome, like Moxxis’ Arena but everywhere…campaign, raids, slaughter domes…but nope. Its just a smelly piece of crap. Unfunny. Cheesy. Not fair.
Pd:Im not native, so forgive my english

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Fair point. I guess I am just oriented to gun-shooter games. Hard to get those ideas, already suffocated by a dozen run of boss farming in week 1 event. This game is starting to feel like a nut. I will stick to my gaming.

mayhem mode can make a build useless, u ever had -50% gun dmg, elemental resist, -70% crit dmg? Just one of those is fine, but if u are specced into elemental and crit… > u save and quit.

a certain build not working on all MM3 rolls doesn’t make it useless.
a jack of all trades is something I rather call useless as it’s not amazing at anything but not wack at everything either.

Just whatever people prefer :wink:

I feel the same way, rerolling feels like cheating my own game, and some mayhem modifiers are almost imposible to deal with.

The modifiers can be challenging sometimes, but I dislike the inconsistency. It’s annoying to have to stop and check the modifiers every time I load up a new activity, it takes you out of the fun and makes you navigate the frustratingly slow menus. There were times that I got a new weapon and wanted to try it out, and thought it was garbage, but it turns out there was a negative modifier for that type of gun.

I just reroll until I get modifiers with decent elemental damage for my Amara instead of things like -70% shield & health regen which I simply don’t find enjoyable.