Mayhem mode in TVHM - is mayhem availability in tvhm different on console vs pc?

On your first playthrough of TVHM is mayhem mode available to you as soon as you reach sanctuary (“yes”)? OR (“no”) do you have to beat TVHM before seeing mayhem options?

Please select your applicable option below.

  • PC - Yes
  • PC - no
  • Xbox - Yes
  • Xbox - no
  • Playstation - Yes
  • Playstation - no

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I have two different platforms and it doesn’t allow me to vote twice.

Ooops let me fix

I fixed it. You have to revote I think

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Yes it’s working now, thanks.

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If Gearbox is trying to figure out which direction they “should” go in, I feel like if they take mayhem options away from the PC players that currently have it, there will be a revolt.

Like Diablo 3, let the player choose the difficulty setting. TVHM without mayhem is a cakewalk. Players need the option to set greater challenges for their playthrough.


Forbes article seems to convey similar thoughts. Although I don’t agree with his thoughts about TVHM existing at all. He clearly doesn’t understand the benefit of a re-settable playthrough at higher/max level.

Also. I think the mayhem console should also exist in other locations in the game. Perhaps at every fast travel node (could be abusable unless you can only toggle it’s settings once per map visit or minute or something) ? Or at least on the droughts map so that you can start your TVHM mayhem 3 playthrough even sooner.

Well, yes, but you’re maybe missing the option that you just be allowed to do that in Normal. There is little reason for TVHM in this game, if we’re honest.

TVHM does have harder base difficulty and enemy changes.

It didn’t feel any different as far as types of spawns when I was forced to play through it without Mayhem.

Here’s a quote from another post about what is different. I noticed it.

There’s a couple benefits. The loot multiplier for Mayhem Mode is increased in TVHM. There are stronger enemies to fight, for example there is an Annointed Tink that you have to fight before you rescue Vaughn. Annointed spawn before you get to the part where Troy gets his powers. Badasses and higher tier enemies spawn more frequently.

Interesting. I was just starting to realize this a couple days ago, but hadn’t realized it was a PC/console divide. I still haven’t really decided, but think I’ll gain a level or two in Mayhem, since I was only at level 42 beating the game, and TVHM definitely seems tougher right now with Normal mode gear, and the enemies seeming to be trending above my level. That said, I don’t want it to be a total cakewalk, and wish I could ramp up mayhem levels if wanted.

I hope they’ll enable consoles like the PC, so people can have fun in TVHM even if they’re min/maxed.

TVHM gives better loot. Mayhem levels give even better loot. Mayhem in NVHM does not give as much loot as TVHM.

TVHM has always existed in borderlands and I do find it more challenging than normal, as it should be.

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PS4 pro. TVHM. At Sanctuary I can use Mayhem modifiers.