Mayhem mode is incoherent

Sometimes mayhame mode really adds diversity to the game: it rearranges efficiency of guns , so you end up trying gear that otherwise you wouldn’t try at all, because its just worse than your shiniest legendaries. But most of the time it just nerfes everything that you have, making game barely playable(so you just save/quit), or gives you like +120% damage(+50% for weapon type and +70% to elemental damage) so you end up killing Grave Warden with 2 mags from your Lyuda. I suggest one of two things:
a) Every mod, that have only negative impact on weapons should significantly increase luck.
b) Get rid of all purely negative mods and mke every mod to nerf one weapon group/element type and buff something other.
The second problem is that there are certain builds, which depend on certain element(for example Zayne cryo build, i dont know about other characters, but i think they also have same issue), and when this element is nerfed this builds become trash(so yeah, save/quit). Maybe it is possible to add some Anointed effects, that will be activated by certain Mayhem modifiers and will help those builds.


The modifiers get pretty funny sometimes. Earlier on mayhem 2, I got +35% pistol, smg, and shotgun damage, -35% everything else.
Then the second modifier was the opposite, -35% pistol, smg, and shotgun

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I get that one a few times…like they just cancel it out so its just normal mode except the enemies have more health.

I wish Gearbox had made Mayhem a consistent thing just make it more difficult by spawning more badasses/anointed enemies that are harder to kill instead of randomly changing which weapons are viable. People spend too much time farming good gear just to have that gear be obsolete.