Mayhem mode modifiers

Who thought -50% all gun damage and +50% health and shields to enemies would be a good idea? I keep getting these together. Our action skills are not even strong enough when they’re buffed in mayhem mode 4 player scaling. It takes forever to even deal with normal mobs not alone badasses and annoited enemies. Is there a way around this?

Easy way around which apparently Gearbox wants us to do is just reset until we get the bonuses we want.

It’s an easy out for them and they don’t have to think about actually making the content tougher.

I really miss OP levels right now LOL.


Yeah that seems the only way. It’s particular frustrating when you have a group friends together and you have to do this.

Yep, they did not make it easy to restart the game with a group playing together.

Again, no beta testing or else this would have been noticed the very first time.

They are going to be nerfing Mayhem Mode modifiers so Gun Damage and Bullet Reflect specifically will be drastically reduced.

Is that the next patch?

Not likely as that is probably next thursday but it is on a near future patch.

I just did a Slaughter Shaft with these negative modifiers to prove it can still be done. I also didn’t use any over powered or broken builds.

There is no doubt that it can be done and has been to an extensive degree but I think the vocal part of the community has been wanting the Bullet Reflect to be reduced as it seems very high so Gearbox has said that they are going to drastically reduce that and also the Gun Damage modifier and probably some others too.