Mayhem Mode negative modifiers are not fun or interesting

When you load into a map on Mayhem 3, one of three scenarios plays out;

  • Enemies are just a little tankier
  • Your build is completely useless
  • You instagibb yourself with bullet reflect

The current system is not interesting and encourages menu-quitting to avoid trashy modifiers.
It should be changed to be positive modifiers only;

  1. Big bonuses for enemies, where stronger modifier = more rare loot chance
  2. Small bonuses for players, to encourage trying different weapon types or swapping skill modifiers.

Yeah, haha.
Was going to try proving grounds on my Moze no reload build with crit grenade…
Using butcher + night hawk x3 1 ammo per shot.
My “Mayhem” bonuses:
-75% normal bullets damage (butcher no element),
-50% shotgun and Smg damage.
Enemies has 30% chance to reflect bullets back to You.
Enemies has 20% increased accuracy.

Welp… I said “No, Thank You”.

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The worst part of this system is you can just quit and reload.

“If I hit a really nasty combo that effects what I use too much I can switch just weapons! This means I need to have enough equipment with me so I am able to be flexible. Adapting to the new challenge in each zone is amazing and I enjoy the game”… is what I would say if they system was working well.

Instead stages go from “omg i can faceroll” to “so many explosion I can barely see once I catch aggro”

I get that its the highest difficulty, but it doesn’t really work well in practice a fair amount of the time.

I’ve even had rolls cancel themselves out? It seems odd to me to have this kind of option in a system like this. If the point is to have M3 be challenging I think relying on RNG alone to pick stuff out is kinda lazy.

I would really also like an explanation of why anointed enemies are just straight up immune to so much . It’s not really challenging to fight something immune to 90% of damage sources 100% of the time. Sure, I could dig a hole with a spoon… but can you at least give me a spade instead and we’ll call it close enough? If not I’ll accept a metal ladle. It’s pretty spoon-like.

TLDR; Balance pls less artificial difficulty

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Yeah not a fan at all of the way Mayhem mode is implemented. I stronkly dislike the random modifiers.

Would much prefer something along the lines of Borderlands 2 OP levels where mobs just scaled to higher levels, had damage reduction, life regen and could also add stronker A.I.

Would be a much better challenge and allow all builds and playstyles to not have a chance of getting either randomly screwed over or becoming insanlely over-peed.


I really hope the devs see this. I also am not a big fan of how they implemented this whole mayhem system. If I get bad modifiers, why bother? just reload and hope for something better.

Get rid of the random modifiers and just make the enemies tougher. Give them more health, make them hit harder.

People are probably going to say things like “but that would turn the enemies into bullet sponges! nobody likes bullet sponges!”. Well, I rather have spongy enemies, than having to deal with these random modifiers honestly.

I mean, I personally never really had much problems with bullet spongy enemies in video games. It really depends on the game. If the gunplay is fun, I can deal with it. Which is the case with the Borderlands games. I always enjoyed the gunplay in them.

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Have us select the modifiers just like in the pre sequel.


I’ll be honest, while i love the ability to have increased difficulty, the arbitrary nature of Mayhem takes away some fun.
Maybe if the modifiers were rolled once per session for your whole game instead of per zone, you could then proceed to gear up and skill adjust for that session. as it is at current, it can get very frustrating going from one zone to another and knowing you may have to completely change how you play.


If you can’t adapt and overcome a few modifiers, then mayhem mode isn’t for you.

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I get that some people really enjoy the random modifiers. I can adapt to the modifiers and play, but some of the combos are just no fun . And having enemies spawn camp isnt cool. Respawning at the New-u just to go instantly back into FFYL due to 3 badasses with the +2 projectiles and +40% dmg mod standing right there is an exercise in frustration more than adaptation.

I would love to have the extra enemy health/armor/shields, but the arbitrary modifiers kill the fun for me. I could care less about increased loot/XP/drop rate.

but this is my opinion, some people love it, i dont.

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I love the modifiers, including when they cancel each other. Some species of Bandit, though, scale out of proportaion of all other enemies. I juse made a post about that.

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Yea I’m not a fan of it either. It’s annoying that you have to go into the map to check the modifiers too. Most of the time I just go about my business and notice that my guns are doing barely anything and think ‘yep, got some bad modifiers’ and be forced to save/quit.

More than that though, the modifiers just suck the fun out of the game. -gun damage, enemies have more health and enemies reflect projectiles anyone? No thanks.

I can see what they were trying to do with it but there should be some sort of limit to how many negative modifiers you can get and also add more positive ones.


I wouldn’t mind the modifiers at all if we could make loadouts, that would be awesome. “Oh this setup doesn’t work this time, let me switch to this one”. I think in general this should happen. I have different builds I run with Amara and having to constantly go back to Sanctuary and spend over 1 mill to change my build is kind of annoying.


Its not that people cant “adapt” its that the modifiers, and their combinations, are ■■■■. You can end up with around a negative 120% damage in some cases, and add in that Bullet Reflection was one of the most HATED effects on any raid like boss and it can be rolled as well and Mayhem 3 just becomes a annoying bang head against wall situation.

Yeah. Randy once said they removed fall damage from BL2 because it was a “unfun” mechanic to just take damage from dropping. And yet here we are in BL3 and random bullet reflection is STILL a thing in game when the community has repeatedly pointed out that its even LESS fun than fall damage.

I think it would be more fun, if it was “for everyone the same, everywhere, for a given time”.

Just reloading until you get favorable modifiers… What’s the point lol?

Also, it should be more “mayhem-y” and not “-50% gun damage” . I mean, boosting hp by 100% does literally the same thing already…

Ad some random stuff, like “Lightning Damage can now spark!” Or Corrosive damage leaves a puddle on the ground etc. etc.

And do this for enemies and players a like.

Explosive damage heals your allies, Fire damage freezes… I don’t know, make it really crazy, lol.


I saw suggestions elsewhere of everyone (enemies and allies) get speed bonuses, badasses spawn with legendaries, low gravity or perhaps ratch pop out of dead badasses (like a plague). Modifiers which make the game either silly or well into pandemonia.

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I’m all for anything that makes a boss more exciting in general. Making them a bullet sponge does not achieve that. If you know you will still beat it but it simply takes more time and for the same reward than pass. Excitement is added by more risk and reward.

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this has nothing to do with adapting dude, i use a jakobs rowans call, 1 head shot can literally be a death sentance. sends out bullets to other enemies gets hit by 20 rounds in 1 go, gets effected with radiation, they literally melt you because of your own bullets, there is no adapting to that.

won’t argue one bit dude, the modifiers are a complete game breaker. i mean heck 100% ho 150% amor and shields. add into that 50% less damage from elemental, that literally spits in the face of every phasezerker out there, it literally destroys builds.

and i have seem some pretty screwy modifiers. -50% smg shotgun and assault rifle. then +50% sniper and pistol. then the next modifier is like the complete oposite, negating it. or making it bloody worse. then bullet reflection, that’s a hard nope for me.

The modifiers can make the mayhem mode really easy or really difficult . Each level of mayhem should bring an increase in difficulty and not a decrease. They can be rerolled to benifit player and make legendaries look more powerful than they actualy are . I dont like the modifiers because i dont want more legendaries nerfed . These are artifical stats that make the mayhem mode not fun to play .