Mayhem Mode negative modifiers are not fun or interesting

i agree with you to a specific degree, i am not arguing that the game should be difficult with modifiers. but some of them are just out right cheap. here’s an example -35% bullet damage from actual bullets. and 30% bullet reflection, but the bullets that hit you are still doing full damage. that is screwed. why are the bullets not doing the reduced damage upon reflection also.

I am for mayhem mode but without modifiers . I wish modifiers was removed. There is ppl showing off builds and legendaries claiming that they are so powerfull while at the same time not showing what the modifiers are and getting gear nerfed for no reason . Its the modifiers giving power not the legendaries themselves omg

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It’s like Gearbox is actively trying to nerf the fun out of the game with modifiers.

that’s what it boils down to, they record the runs where they have the best modifiers in their favour, and most of it is pre gun nerf, when things like cutsman were doing awesome damage.