Mayhem mode not available in TVHM

I have completed the normal story, am level 50 and even have mayhem mode active on normal mode. The device to turn on mayhem mode in TVHM is not on sanctuary. I have even reset my TVHM progress and it still doesnt show up. The game is too easy on TVHM w/o mayhem mode. Pls need a fix


So I had a similar experience, I thought you could activate Mayhem mode right away on your new playthrough (TVHM) but nope this isn’t a bug! To get Mayhem mode on TVHM you have to complete the story AGAIN and then the device will show up in Sanctuary. I know what you mean though, you should be able to jump into TVHM right away with mayhem mode on because going through the story again is a grind especially when you’re destroying everything lol


I think it’s a bug that it doesn’t show up in TVHM. According to some people the podium is there as soon as they reach sanctuary in TVHM. Doesn’t make any sense having to complete the story again just for mayhem mode.

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Yeah after browsing reddit for a bit I noticed alot of controversy on the subject, apparently some people have the option to enable mayhem mode as soon as they reach sanctuary and some people don’t. I know for sure that I had to complete the entire game again on TVHM to get it to unlock for me.

I’m on Xbox One btw

Yeah I’m working through TVHM the now. It almost makes me wonder if it’s worth even going to TVHM. Only thing would be just for playing through the story and getting uniques from missions.

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You know after reading your post now you got me questioning why the hell did I run through the game on TVHM… Lol

Yeah my mate who finished it with has it and i dont. Sucks balls

I heard TVHM have exclusive drops that can’t be found in normal mode. I don’t know if that’s true or what those drops actually could be but yeah… i’ve been speeding through TVHM on a quite well geared moze and it’s shocking how easy it is. Storm front clears out rooms of it’s own while constantly getting granades back when it deals damage.

*EDiT should also mention that mayhem is not available for me either.

I myself have the same problem. I have a copy on pc and Xbox and I have mayhem mode unlocked for pc but not for xbox. So I think it’s def a bug. It’s a bummer because I don’t really want to go back through the entire story after just having complete it without mayhem mode. Hopefully it gets fixed.

Can we get some kind of reply from Gearbox, having to play through normal mode basically twice to get mayhem in TVHM is boring.

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This is the latest response from 2k \ gearbox. Apparently they don’t know it are not directly addressing the PC vs console discrepancy. I suggest everyone submits a ticket of their own.

Md J.

Oct 4, 1:37 AM CDT

Hey there.

Thanks for reverting back to us.

Extremely sorry for the delay in response.

I have some Information regarding the Mayhem mode, Please look into it.

  • Mayhem mode is unlocked after first play through on each character.
  • It can be used in normal or in the True vault hunter mode.
  • If you are at True vault hunter mode and you finished the normal one, you have to wait until you unlocked the sanctuary in the story in order to use mayhem mode.
  • Mayhem mode is controlled via console on sanctuary.

I hope this information helped you, If not let me know.

Would like some update on this…seems rather strange that there is silence on this issue.

This really sucks. I am on PS4 and cannot activate mayhem in TVHM. Wonder if they will fix this or us playing on the console will never have that option.

I feel you. Just want clarification on this.