Mayhem Mode: Possibly resolved soon

Announcement made by gearbox that some of the mayhem modifiers we all hate are going to be reduced so hopefully it works out. Glad gearbox is listening to the community to an extent.

Yeah, something about reducing modifiers to a level that doesn’t require respeccing (but it might be easier if you did).

Yeah I’m just hoping that we as players won’t need to spend a lot of time going in and out of the game to get useable modifiers for farming.

I personally think reducing damage done by the player is a big mistake, its a dull way to increase difficulty, same as bullet sponges, why not just make thematic mayhem modifiers ? Make it hard by doing something fun, make enemies faster, make them throw grenades, make them use specific gear, make them do a certain type of dmg, make them have perks, etc. Increased HP, increased dmg, decreased dmg, its just lazy.