Mayhem Mode Query

I’m starting to get the hang of Mayhem Mode but have a couple of questions:

  1. Weapons: In Normal Mode weapons state the Mayhem Mode level. If I get to say Level 2 but need to drop back to Level 1 would any acquired Level 2 guns work in Level 1?

  2. Even though Mayhem Mode is switched on in Sanctuary any guns acquired in TVHM do not show the Mayhem Mode level in the stats. Does Mayhem Mode work in TVHM?

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  1. Mayhem guns will be the mayhem level they dropped as. So a mayhem 2 gun will forever be that. If you drop down you have a higher level gun. If you go up you have an under level gun but can get higher level gear.
  2. Is your mayhem on outside of sanctuary? And yes tvhm had mayhem thats what I play on whenever I get on cause it is harder, has better loot rates, and feels more like bl2 with the mechanics.

To put it simply, you can take a weapon acquired in Mayhem 10, and use it in normal no Mayhem mode. Once you have the weapon, it is locked at the level it was acquired and keeps those stats, no matter where you use it.

TVHM pretty much is it’s own mode, basically a harder normal mode where the enemies always scale to your level. If you do not have Mayhem enabled in TVHM, the weapons are considered Mayhem 0, or no Mayhem and won’t have a Mayhem level.
Once you reach Sanctuary you can enable Mayhem again after starting a new TVHM run.

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