Mayhem Mode Question

Is it better to jump right into mayhem 1 after I finish the campaign or should I go through TVHM then do mayhem 1?

Thanks in advance.

If you already have a legendary loadout then I would say do M1 while going through TVHM. TVHM by itself I found pretty easy right after finishing Normal mode. But if you find it too difficult you can easily turn M1 off at any time.

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I would farm to level 50…then do TVHM.

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Okay, thank you.

I agree with getting to level 50 first, that way everything you find in TVHM will be on level, all quest rewards on level, etc…

Pick the mayhem you are comfortable with, start with 1 if you get comfortable with that move up to 2, so on and so on. The beauty of Mayhem is you can just pick what you like. Nothing is tied to mayhem, anything you can get there you can get without it.

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Me personally,I went straight to mayhem 3. As

soon as I beat normal and went from 34-50 in 4

hours straight. Then when I wanted to redo the

campaign with my Fl4k,I went in to tvhm. I just

recently reset my tvhm after completing in

case I wanted to run the story again. For my

farming needs I’m now back on normal

mayhem 3. Til i beat tvhm again. Shouldn’t

take more than 6 hours again.

Regardless,whatever mode,play your way.

However you enjoy the game. There is no right

or wrong. Good hunting,my people!

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