Mayhem mode sux!

Borderlands 3 has so much potential !! Why would Gearbox ruin it with a game mechanic that continuously in one way or another nerfs a players build and or weapons?!! Mayhem mode ruins everything about Borderlands IMO. Yes I know I can play in regular mode and it would be fun if I was 3 years old. I don’t want to change the way that I play and the weapons I use every time I change maps or quit to the menu while farming . I want to be able to play with the buid and the weaponry of my choice without being penalized with modifiers. I love Borderlands but I can’t bring my self to play until Gearbox can find a way to opt out of Mayhem mode without sacrificing so much of the end game content.

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I somewhat agree with you but I also do like the extra challenge and the incentive to change my guns around to fit the modifiers better. I mean I think it was a good idea in theory but it does suck when you finally get a build completed and can’t even really use it because e of some or the mayhem modifiers! So I appreciate the added difficulty and increased loot/xps but it does suck sometimes! I would think they will come up with a better way to increase the difficulty without totally screwing people’s builds eventually though! For now though with the game being so new I can’t really complain! It is what it is, doesn’t ruin my experience and actually gets me to try out guns that I normally wouldn’t! I do think all in time a better system will be released though! I mean as you said you could just play normal or TVHM but the game is just too easy and not very rewarding in the end game without mayhem turned on! It hasn’t bothered me but I also haven’t completed my build yet so my opinion could very well change once I gather the gear needed to spec my character exactly how I want! Although, I mean I guess you can reroll the modifiers until you get something you like although that seems like cheating the system and just isn’t fun to have to do,!

I just am remembering that this still is a new game and many changes will be made over time! The game will likely be very much different a year from now, which I know is a long time to wait especially when we paid full price for the game now, but I feel they are making good changes, and the game will only improve,! I personally feel they should be focusing on the bugs and optimization issues before anything else! But regardless I have about 80-90 hours into the game so far and still feel like I have plenty to do. Things definitely aren’t perfect but overall I’m pleased and looking forward for more improvements and DLC content.

But yeah, it sould ne nice if they had some kind or mode other than the mayhem levels to increase the difficulty and increase the rewards without making certain builds completely useless!

I believe one of their main reasons is to encourage different styles of play and using a variety or weapons instead of sticking to a handful of OP builds that the majority of people runs. Just to give things more diversity and viable playstyles. Cruz in bl2 I could just steamroll everything with my gunzerker build and I had a ton of fun but after awhile it got old. Feeling powerful is great but when there is no longer a challenge things can get boring pretty quick!

Anyway, we are still in the very early stages of the games release and I’m sure many changes are coming!

Well thats the crux.
Mayhem is a challenge mode. For people who want to be challenged- part of that challenge is overcoming the disadvantages.

If you don’t want to adapt, then just need to stick to normal and progress to TVHM.

Mayhem is a higher risk/reward mode. The risk is you need to evaluate your gear/build to counter the added negatives.

To be fair, I run Mayhem 2 a lot, and my build/loadout copes with 95% circumstances.

Mayhem 3 requires more adjustment and refinement.

I never change guns based on the modifiers (talking about Mayhem 3). I just try to do things with the same loadout. It’s more fun to have some maps that are harder, and some maps that are easier. That’s what the devs intended. But people always want the easiest path to victory and that’s on them.

I understand doing this for Circle of Slaughters (or even fishing for the right modifiers), but other than that just use the same guns and accept the difficulty like it’s permanent.

Don’t conveniently forget the massive buffs and then call it a challenge… It’s a horrific system. It isn’t endgame

Did anyone around here play “Enter the Gungeon”? If not, look it up.
Then, look for its “Challenge mode”. That is what MAYHEM should feel like.

Modifiers should not only affect our/ennemies stats, it should change how the game behaves.

I think at the very least they should add a timer…constantly changing the modifiers. It would prevent players from “fishing”, which I’m guilty of.

So what are your thoughts about BL3 now that it’s been out for a while?

I didn’t read the entire thread, just your initial post, but for what its worth…you can do all the end game content without playing in Mayhem Mode.

Honestly, all MM does is give you more loot and higher chance of better loot, but all of it is leveled to your Mayhem level, which means that its OP for any levels lower and probably only useful for a 1-3 levels higher depending on how good the gear you find is.

I’m not a fan of Mayhem /w the modifiers either, so until they give us the option to to turn modifiers off, or a difficulty level higher than TVHM…I’m sticking to TVHM. Just seems like theres no point in playing MM, other than to say you did it. So, I beat everything in M10 and then abandoned it to play any and all builds I want in non Mayhem.

Whats great about it, is that any gear, regardless of rarity, Anointment and etc. is viable on TVHM non-Mayhem, so you can play however you want. Like, I found an awesome Cosmic Stalker mod with Torgue dmg and reload speed boosts and nade dmg , so I am playing through the story again using only Torgue stuff. I’m also sticking to green, blue and purple rarity items.

My only issue with non-mayhem is that if you put together a great build with great gear, it becomes trivial. (Then again…builds that crush everything in milliseconds on the highest difficulty makes everything trivial as well…so theres that) Not to mention, despite items being leveled with each Mayhem level…it doesn’t work. Most weapons you find on Mayhem 10 are completely useless, as everything is a bullet sponge

Thats why I’d like to be able to turn off modifiers or get another level of difficulty higher than TVHM (Just not something stupid like they did with UVHM in BL2 and all its scaling issues)