Mayhem mode switching vs. loading times

As we know, switching Mayhem modes causes the level to reload (except in Sanctuary).

My initial thought on this was that they pre-generate many (if not all) enemies and loot, and switching Mayhem required re-generating those things to match the new mode, health, gear, so on, and that’s it.

So, thought I with my programmer brain, switching modes should be faster than a load from the home screen, since you wouldn’t need to reload all the graphic assets for the map, just do in-memory deletion and recreation. Lots faster than hitting the disk, what’s called a warm restart vs. cold.

Decided to test it. Loaded from the home screen 5 times, and switched between M9 and M10 5 times, Xbox One S.

And no. Changing Mayhem is only 3-5 seconds quicker than a clean from home load, 50 seconds or so vs. 55. Which means (without instrumentation proving it) that they are in fact reloading all the graphic data on a “simple” mayhem mode change, which wastes time. I’d fix that…

On the plus side, doing this got me a Mayhem 10 Light Show with a “Action Skill Active” (which Zane almost always has) buff of 200% damage, which is pretty danged awesome.


I usually don’t change the modifiers outside of Sanctuary, but if that happens loading was pretty fast in comparison to regular.

BTW. This bonus is lost once you switch weapon.

Yes. But even at Mayhem 10 I don’t need to switch weapons, between me and the Clone everything dies with the light show.

I didn’t change modifiers, I changed mayhem level. That’s the difference.

I also had the same idea and I noticed 3 interesting things:

  1. For some reason bosses don’t respawn, atleast some like Handsome Jackbot.
  2. Weirdly it saves rush stacks
  3. To me it seemed to load a good bit faster (normal Xbox)

Interesting. I’m getting a consistent 3-4 second only difference.
May I impose on you to put a stopwatch on it to see if you’re seeing a significant difference than me?

Permanently lost, like you have to unequip and re-equip it, restart the map or something, or it doesn’t stay long enough to transfer to another weapon’s output?

It’s active only on the weapon you are holding when action skill starts. Once you switch weapons it’s lost, until you use AS again. It doesn’t work like Gamma Burst or SNTNL anointments.

Oh boy, it actually takes a whopping minute to load a area but what is interesting is that when traveling to a location it takes 55sec. + 4sec. from the blue tunnel vision = 59sec.

Loading (save & quit) also takes 59sec. but doesn’t has the 4sec. fast travel effect :thinking:

Now I tried switching from M1 to M10 and then switching up and down between M1 and 2 and it only takes 42-45sec. !

Edit: lol “only”

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from what I hear expect light show to be nerfed

With Gamma Burst or SNTNL anointments (as opposed to the generic, “Action Skill”), if I’m holding an anointed weapon, fire the skill, get the damage buff, and then switch weapons, the bonus will be active on other weapons?

If you switch from one GB weapon to other weapon with GB you’ll still do extra rad dmg. Even switching to non GB and back it’s still active.
With ASA it doesn’t work and bonus is gone as soon as you switch weapons.

Cool - good to know!

Which is why I switched from Which one’s real to Doppelbangeras a skill enhancement so I can remove the clone and restore him more in my control when I need to switch weapons.
Edit: Though I will say I usually trigger drone first since it’s more survivable.

Holy crap, it takes you 1 minute to load into an area!?? That’s insanely slow lol

Yup. I’ve always assumed that Microsoft goes to bargain basement electronic shops and picks up the cheapest, oldest, hard drives they can find. Really annoying when you’re farming for a particular item, you’re adding about a minute twenty to every attempt.
Hoping that the next gen Xbox and PS with SSDs will help.

Damn dude that sucks haha. I mean the Xbox and Ps4 are pretty old tech. I’ve got a m.2 ssd in my pc, not even a really nice one and it takes all of 9 secs to load haha